Online Respirator Medical Evaluations and Clearance | Guide!

The OSHA Employer Respiratory Protection Standard, 29 CFR 1910.134, is a convenient way to obtain a medical evaluation of respiratory attrition. What is Respirator Clearance? Register, take the survey and get instant results with the Online Respirator Medical Evaluation Service.

Consistency and Quality

All personnel will be evaluated using the same extended OSHA respiratory medical questionnaire. We take into account the status of staff layoffs and, with board approval, medical professionals complete examinations and make recommendations for additional medical examinations if necessary.

Online Respirator Medical Evaluations

This easy-to-use survey helps determine a worker's level of clearance for wearing a special respirator in a work environment. It can be done in 15-20 minutes using any computer connected to the Internet and every day, at any time, according to your staff's schedule. Any brand of respirator can be used. You will receive immediate notice of termination to track employee status as well as online records. Available in English and Spanish.

Save Yourself a Visit to the Doctor’s Office!

Did you know that real doctors can give you a medical clearance to check the use and suitability of your respiratory system? If your company uses a respirator, you must first undergo a medical clearance . We have simplified the process by providing a simple system for obtaining your medical clearance online. Participants can have a telephone interview with a physician or licensed health care provider if they need to learn more about health problems.

Who Needs Medical Clearances?

A medical permit includes the use of a respirator, a physician or other licensed medical professional certifying that the employee can use a respirator without additional risk. Because the use of a respirator can place a physiological burden on an employee depending on the type of respirator used, the conditions in the workplace, and the employee's medical condition, they must first undergo a medical clearance.

OSHA Medical Evaluation Requirements

OSHA's medical clearance or survey is intended to identify diseases that may pose a risk to a worker when wearing a respirator. The evaluation takes into account the health of the employee, the type of respirator and the conditions in the workplace where it is used. Before the assessment, the employer must provide the following information to the PLHCP.

The Type of Respirator That Will Be Used

How long the respirator is used in the specified time. How much effort an employee wearing a respirator exerts to perform the required task; and the condition of the work environment and any additional protective clothing / equipment used in conjunction with the respirator.


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