How You Can Survive the Back-to-School Season by Drinking Coffee

Get ready for another exciting time of year. Fall is on the horizon, the sun is setting earlier and children are going back to school. You read that right. While it’s nice to know you can ease your mind while the kids are at school, other times can quickly turn into frenzied, frantic acts of suppressing your frustration and scrambling through it all.

What can you rely on in these trying times? Coffee.

There’s nothing like strong coffee to help you navigate the choppy waters that are the back-to-school season.

Fueling Hectic Mornings

Mornings are bad enough as it is, even if they do feature the highlight of your whole day—a tasty mug full of coffee.

Don’t make the mistake of telling yourself you’ll have a cup later or stop somewhere on your way to work. First of all, later is way too far away. Secondly, you need that cup of coffee to help you get through the morning. There’s plenty to deal with, and you don’t want waiting in line at the drive-thru to be one of those things.

Even without kids, you have to wake up and get ready for the day, maybe pack yourself a lunch and do your best to look somewhat put-together.

With kids, you have to do all that and make sure the little devils have their school supplies, brush their teeth and don’t look like hooligans. Not to mention making sure they’re fed too. It’s a lot. High caffeine coffee can help.

Staying Calm in Slow Traffic

Before you even make it to the freeway, you could be in for some back-to-school traffic. You know the kind. There are all the other crazed parents trying to get their kids to class before the bell rings. Then you’ve got older children crossing the street whenever they feel like it. And in the middle of it all, there are the volunteers in bright vests trying to make sure nobody gets run over. You can feel your adrenaline spiking just the closer you get to this mess. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the coffee you drank before you left the house, obviously.

You know what makes school traffic bearable? Coffee.

Juggling All the Tasks

Parenting or not, everybody has a busy schedule. For some reason, we just seem to like the thrill of wondering whether we’ll make it to the next item on our agenda.

People who live life in fast-forward at the beginning of the school year might dream of having an IV full of coffee they could bring with them. Their forever-filled cup of joe could help them keep pace with their agendas, kids’ schedules and all the TV shows being released on all these streaming apps.

While the new generation is busy learning things about mitochondria, volcanoes, math, Junie B. Jones and all sorts of other things they might not ever use again, you can fuel up on coffee with high caffeine. The thought might make you smile into your morning mug because you know the truth. They say knowledge is power, but really, coffee is power.

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