Asian Girl. 5 Important Facts About Dating with Asian Woman

Women from Japan, China, Korea, Thailand are mysteriously attractive. Plenty of men from Europe and the USA prefer girls from Asia. They look outstanding, they have a nice character and it's a big pleasure to have a relationship with them. But not so fast! There are some thins you should know before going on a date with an Asian girl.

1. Asia is big

It may sound funny, but indeed, Asia is huge. Women from Japan are so much different from women from Malasia. And girls from China are totally different from Korean girls. So, before you are going on a date, make sure you are aware of exact country she is from.
For example, girls from South Korea are absolutely modern. Even though they look like classic Asian girls, they have totally contemporary character and behaviour. But if you are on a date with a girl from China, be aware that most likely she was raised in a very traditional family and provocative jokes can ruin your evening.

2. Russia is in Asia

Did you know that about 75% of Russia is in Asia? Therefore, plenty of Russian girls identify themselves as Asian women. They are raised in traditional families with the traditional values. Also, they combine appearance of Western and Eastern women. Plenty of guys from the USA and Europe love girls from Russia. Here are some precious tips how to get a Russian girl.

3. They Love Traditions

Keep in mind that Asian girls love all sorts of traditions and ceremonies. It's certainly about holidays, celebrations, family traditions, etc. If you have close relationship with the girl from Japan, China or Korea, try to make some common traditions. For example, make a tradition of celebrating your anniversaries in certain way: in restaurant, on a lake or in the forest. Another example is to make a special day for her family once a year with presents exchange, etc.

4. Asian Dating Sites Do Work

According to American INS (institute of national statistics) every 5th family in the USA has either husband or wife born outsinde the USA. A big part of them are from Asia: China, Japan, Thailand, Malasia, Korea, etc. And yes, some couples found each other on a dating site. Moreover, there are special asian dating sites that facilitate Western men find Asian women. Even though there are different opinions about online dating, the statistics says that it does work. Here is the good article how to date Asian girl online.

5. Family is the Top Priority

Family is a holy thing. It's an absolutely top priority. Each and every decision she makes, she considers the interests of her family. Don't try to make jokes about her parents or relatives. Also, when you are on your first date with an Asian girl, it will be a good thing if you tell about your family and how you love them. Tell her how you love your parents, sisters, brothers, uncles, etc. It will show you as a family oriented person. Most of girls from China and Japan value this above all.

These are some important things you should know before going on a date (offline or online) with the woman from Asia. Luckily in the 21st century it's so easy to find what you want. If you want to meet a girl from the Eastern country you can go online or fly there. Keep in mind these 5 tips and enjoy your date.


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