Eat for Health is the Philosophy of Asian Food

If you've grown up in a culture where food is an indulgence and people often overeat, there are other ways to do it. For example, in Asian culture, food and diet are built on a philosophy of supporting health and life. If you check a cart of Asian groceries, you'll see more vegetables and grains than heavier items like meat. Unlike western cultures, where meat is often the main course, in Asian cuisine, it's used more like a flavoring, and the meal is based on other ingredients. These are some of the reasons that the world's future diet will trend more in the way people have always eaten in Asia.

If you break down the Asian diet, you'll find something standing out, and they would include many soups and broths. Most are flavored with vegetables that have desirable fiber and nutrients. It's also common for them to include mineral-rich leafy greens that add vitamins along with incredible flavor. They range from common greens like spinach to more exotic ones like lotus root. The cliches in western culture are to eat soup when you're ill, whereas, in Asia, it's seen as a daily meal item having nothing to do with an illness. Eating soup and other salty broths is calming to the digestive tract, and it tastes delicious.

One of the rules of thumb in Asian cooking is a 3-to-1 ratio of vegetables to meat. Such recipes instantly explain why the Asian diet can be healthier in many ways because it contains less meat. As noted earlier, meat goes from the main course to be a flavoring for many dishes. Vegetables contribute more of the bulk to the meal, and because they are lighter and healthier, there is an improvement in the nutritional content with less fat and cholesterol. Veggies also have fiber which is beneficial in many ways, and eating it naturally is the best way to do it. Most recipes are delicious, and there is no sacrifice in flavor.

Seafood is a major component of many Asian cuisines, and its health benefits are well known. Fish high in alpha three omega fatty acids and much better to eat than heavy red meat. The balanced Asian diet includes many seafood ingredients and dishes. It's not hard to find the ones your family will love and ask for again. As fresh fish and seafood products become more readily available in grocery markets, it's not hard to try various ones until you find the ones you like the most. The proliferation of recipes and cooking demonstrations online put any cooking style quickly within your reach to make at home.


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