Top Bathroom Remodel Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Often, homeowners link the bathroom design to the rest of the interiors and determine its style based on the overall vision of the house. While that’s the simplest method of planning your bathroom decor, you must also know that it’s not the only way. There are plenty of styling options that you can explore depending on your taste, bathroom size, and more. And in case, you need help for this, then Alneli can be the best option for you where you can buy bathroom fixtures online in Lagos. In this blog, we have enlisted the top bathroom to remodel trends that you can choose to adopt for your home. 

Bathroom Remodel Trends For 2021

Matte White Fittings

This trend is increasingly becoming popular as most homeowners are installing matt white fittings for their bathrooms. Due to the minimalist tone of the color, it blends perfectly with contemporary and simple bathrooms. Combine unique bathroom fittings with simple textured tiling to exude a clean, refreshing vibe. You can also install an open or glass-walled shower to maintain a streamlined, minimal theme throughout your bathroom decor. If white isn’t your color, you can go for matt black fixtures as they still rank high on bathroom trends.

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Nature Inspired Decor

Nature-inspired bathrooms are always a trend to go with. You can incorporate various shades of green or blue through washbasins, cabinets, or a particular wall in your bathroom. They can add a vibrant, contemporary look to the area. Other than that, river stone basins and bathtubs are another way to add a distinguished nature element. Craft an overall theme for the bathroom and it will help in fine-tuning the various fixtures and creating the desired impact. Incorporating green leafy plants is another great way to add an extra soothing feel to your space.

Floating Vanities

Installing vanities and washbasin cabinets are a smart and efficient way to keep your bathrooms neat and organized. If you want to create a trendsetting interior for your utility area, go for floating vanities. The crisp lines and streamlined design of these modern vanities, coupled with durable materials can be a perfect addition to your contemporary space. Besides, floating vanities can look great in both compact and spacious bathrooms.

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Illuminated Mirrors With Medicine Cabinets

Mirrors are yet another aspect that can add a smooth finishing touch to your bathroom interior. If you want to get a trendy appeal for your space, install illuminated mirrors with the medicine cabinets. It comes with a multitude of functions, some of which are: 

  • Extremely handy in terms of ease of storage
  • Easy to install
  • Exudes an exclusive look and feel to the interiors

Once you decide to install illuminated mirrors, look for options that best suit your needs. LED mirrors are generally the most preferred choice amongst illuminated mirrors. These mirrors come in an array of styles. Whether you want a back-lit mirror, top-and-bottom lighted mirror, or side-to-side lighted mirror can make a dramatic difference in the appeal of your bathroom.

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Space-Savvy Soaking Tubs

Having a trendy soaking tub in the bathroom is a dream for almost all homeowners. However, you must plan your space before buying one. Check if your bathroom has enough space to incorporate a bathtub. If we talk about what’s most trendy, it’s definitely the space-savvy, freestanding tubs. Opt for a single-toned ceramic tub to give a minimal yet exotic appeal while creating your special home spa corner within your bathroom. 

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When it comes to designing your bathroom, the possibilities are endless. These trending remodeling concepts will surely help you in planning for your bathroom decor. Combine them to create your personalised bathroom interior. 
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