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Printx pro review - The printer has been a good tool, making this a reality for us over the years, but something greater comes on board and redefines our experience. The most sophisticated tool in making sense of digital memories is PrintX pro which ultimately spares you the daunting stress of the print production process.

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Benefits Of Using PrintX Pro?
1. Unlike many types of printer that uses ink in print production, you don't need any form of ink cartridge for PrintX Pro. This obviously saves you the additional costs.

2. It has a 1000mAh battery capacity, which makes this portable bluetooth printer last longer for use.

3. It can be used with Android, IOS, MS Windows, laptops/ any gadget. PrintX Pro has no limit.

4. PrintX pro also gives you the opportunity to print photos in any format: be it png, jpg, gif, etc.

How To Use PrintX Pro?
Install the free application software from Google in the case of Android products/ as for IOS(the app store).

Insert the paper into the printer.
Connect it to your phone, via buetooth. In less than 30 seconds, your content is converted to a a physical form as a high quality photo.

How PrintX Pro Works?
This mini portable bluetooth printer device is a thermal based device, and it operates by heating the molecules of the paper used. One can modify the work done on it by changing colors, themes, layout. PrintX Pro is flexible to use and can be tailored to different needs.


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