Why to Use Anchor Text Variation

Google uses external anchor text to know what a page is all about. Linking a page from an article that has some anchor text, it will indicate to Google that the linked page has something with that particular anchor text. Anchor text variation is one of the most excellent ways to tell Google what a specific web page tells about. It is used to help readers find detailed information about a topic and also factors into ranking web pages. While it is a great tool, it can be the downfall of SEO efforts if not used correctly. Google looks at link profile when deciding how to rank ones web pages. Part of link profile involves the anchor text used to link to a website. Learn more about finding the best SEO services expert at this website.


When linking website, one need to vary the anchor text. Natural links will come from various anchor texts as webmasters link differently.


There are many ways to choose anchor text variation and among this is using long-tail in anchor text variations. As an alternative of linking from exact phrase, use of the long-tail variations such as using variations of anchor text in backlink profile is recommended. Google will see the main anchor text and take that into account, but also have a variation so as to show a natural link profile.


The other one is use of latent semantic indexing keywords. One can do it by using an online LSI keyword generator and search for specific keyword variation in ad campaigns. There are numerous strategies within the context of diversifying anchor text. Sometimes people merely choose anchor text variations that they think are similar. While they may be similar in wording, they may not be actually similar in meaning.


And that is what it makes a difference. The term anchor text variation and exact match anchor text contain the same keyword, but they will return very different results when one search it in Google. Look into hiring website optimization experts by visiting this website.


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