Hello everyone! I’d like to introduce you to a special friend of mine and of my family…Dino! Dino the Dog. He is a beautiful 11-month old Husky with an effervescent joy for living and loving. He is all white from nose to tail. We love him and have enjoyed having him be a part of our family.

Unfortunately, I have learned that I have a pet dander allergy and we have to find a new home for Dino. I am very sad to lose him, but my health has suffered since we brought him home and after several doctor’s visits, I now know the source of my coughing and breathing problems.

We live in Orange County in Southern California. If you know of a loving family looking to add a nice dog, please let me know in the comments area for this posting.

We want him to go to a family, not to a rescue organization. They are not always what they seem to be on the surface.


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