We Have Found The Appreciate and It truly is Us!

Have you ever heard that famous quote; "we have found the enemy, and it is us." Well, what if we rearrange that famous quote a little, and what if we said; "we have found love, and it is us." Now then, if we could say that with a straight face, and look ourselves in the eye, don't you think that the human race would be a little happier and that people would be a little more positive in our society? Humans are a species of empathy, love, caring, and it is that family unit, that sense of community, of sharing and caring and working together that has brought us this far.

Have you ever asked yourself how many species have come and gone during the evolution of mankind? How many species have died out because they didn't work together as a group, they didn't use their synergies to battle Mother Nature, to survive amongst other species, to prevent themselves from being the food supply from predators? I suggest that you go find love, and you look inside yourself to find that love, and that you change your attitude - because if you do you will be a happier person.

Guess what? I like happy people, and I bet you do too, so why not join with us and be a happier person, why not pay it forward? There's really no reason not to, it doesn't necessarily have to cost you anything. Now then, let me explain this a little bit further. Have you ever heard someone say they hate something? How about when we hear someone say they hate that person, they hate that culture, they hate that other religion, they hate them - we've all heard these ugly comments haven't we?

Sure we have, but we also know if we go back 30 to 40 generations, were all related anyway. You share genes with whomever you think that you hate, along with whomever you think you love. If you hate another human being, or another group of people, then you hate a part of yourself, isn't that a lot like cancer? Would you knowingly give yourself cancer? I think not. I'd like you to consider that point for a moment. Now then, if you love another person, in a way you love part of yourself because you share something with every other human on this planet.

Indeed, I want you to please consider this, I want you to think about it, and I want you to be a better person, a happier person, someone that loves life, and I know you can do it. Please think about what I've said here today; Be Happy!

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