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90 years, mold manufacturer in China entered the period of rapid development, which greatly promoted the die steel production and application technology. Through the introduction of advanced equipment and technology, is capable of producing high quality mold steel, some of the metallurgical quality of steel has reached the international advanced level, and a small amount of exports, the international community to enjoy a certain reputation.

It should be noted that China die steel production and application of the overall level is still low, there are many long-unresolved problem. Plastic Blow Moldingmade the vast majority of electric furnace steel, steel, steel composition segregation of large, low purity, high carbon levels, loose-level exceeded, the module to the performance of vertical and horizontal disparities.

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Die steel materials utilization is low, because the steel rod material in more than 85%, saw materials, changes in the consumption of large forging; module, flat steel, sheet metal and other varieties of small, boutique, products less. Change the effect of die steel forging poor, the vast majority only die forging billet to change shape, size, purpose, ignoring organizational improvement model that remains blank in the other carbides and negative super streamline distribution.

Die material selection and application of improper heat treatment of steel in the mold is a prominent problem. Custom Mold Design, makers not familiar with the material and heat treatment, heat treatment technology personnel are not familiar with the working conditions of the mold, or heat treatment process often does not result in material selection and die match.

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 In addition, the implementation of strict heat treatment, heat treatment equipment and technology behind the mold caused by improper operation of deformation, cracking, is universal. Survey showed that the mold material selection and heat treatment due to early failure caused by improper accounted for about 70%. Surface treatment in the Die Casting Mold Design of the application, in addition to carburizing, nitriding, other diffusion processing (infiltration non-metallic, alloying) rarely used, less coating and spraying applications. Some applications also often due to inappropriate choice of species and processes, achieving the desired effects, and even not only useless but harmful, mold steel application technology to become a weak link. is a mold manufacturer in China with complete injection mould&moulding manufacturing facilities. We make plastic moulds and tooling for plastic molded parts& any custom plastic moulding. Our services include mold design, mold making, Injection Molding and Assembly. The industries we serve include automotive, consumer electronic,and Industrial products, Cosmetics & Personal Care Products, medical and manufacturers of small and major appliances.
Hao mold has an excellent team for mold designing, engineering and mold manufacturing. "Honesty and responsibility" is always considered as our faith and customers' satisfaction is the best measurement standard as our quality principle.


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