Instacart Clone App: Multiply your Quarterly Profits with an App like Instacart

Instacart is raising funds worth several millions of dollars indicating the huge demand for online grocery ordering and delivery services from its customers. 

Having launched in the market more than 8 years ago, it has amassed a valuation exceeding $39 billion now. It has a massive reach in the USA and Canada covering 85% and 70% of the market respectively. Instacart is also planning to go public this year rather than opting for a traditional IPO.

This is the right time for entrepreneurs to develop grocery delivery platforms and take full advantage of positive market trends. An Instacart clone app is a viable alternative to development from scratch. 

It is a readily-deployable and customized grocery ordering and delivery app. The Instacart clone includes well-functioning Android and iOS apps for shoppers, delivery executives, retail store managers, and an efficient admin dashboard.

Some reasons why an app like Instacart can be a big game-changer

  • The habit of shopping in physical stores like supermarkets is getting fastly replaced by online shopping.
  • It offers a good source of passive income and flexible working hours for the delivery personnel.
  • Additional revenue generation from grocery stores that have listed their products on the Instacart clone.
  • Easy expansion by adding more new products and partner retailers according to the pace of expansion of the business. 
  • Direct connection for retailers with their customers in the absence of any middlemen is offered by the Instacart Marketplace.
  • Increased generation of sales for retailers through Instacart clone app’s targeted self-serving advertising strategy for consumer packaged goods (CPG). Retailers have to incur a cost per click for their ads and can effectively implement their marketing campaigns across various product groups. 
  • Free home delivery of groceries is offered by the Instacart Express membership available both monthly and yearly. 

Final Thoughts

Instacart clone app development is a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs to make it big in the promising American online retail industry. They can utilize the trend of online grocery shopping becoming mainstream soon. 


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