The Downton Abbey Movie!

I was able to get a ticket to the fan event advanced screening of The Downton Abbey Movie today! I was so excited to see it. I got the perfect seat, free popcorn and soda (it's my birthday month, so, perks), and a Downton Abbey snow globe! The Dolby Cinema experience was amazing, the theme song in resounding surround sound was emotional.

The main plot was simple enough, but the side-stories are fascinating. The entire movie was very nicely directed. The cinematography was just like the show where, when we're upstairs, the cameras are on a track and glide to get the shot, and, when downstairs, shaky and hurried. Beautiful.

It was nice to see the entire cast again and the additions blended very well. Now, overall, the movie was nice, but the ending left me a bit disappointed. There were multiple story lines introduced, but there were no conclusions. Honestly, it felt like I was watching a Christmas special and now I'm waiting for the next season to see what happens. On top of that, the ending felt hurried, like "oh crap, the movie is running too long, we need to end it right now!"

Now, I will be going on a bit of a rant about very specific points in the movie so a HUGE SPOILER ALERT is now in effect.

First of all, why in the world would they introduce story lines with no conclusions? Honestly, if you're going to say that a character is dying and their going to die soon, you give a fitting death scene with the family around the bed, crying, the whole bit, even throw in a deathbed confession or something! Don't leave me hanging!

Secondly, I was very wrong about Lady Bagshaw. At first, I thought that she and her maid Lucy were in the closet lovers, but oh my god, she's Lucy's mother! On top of that, literally everyone in the house is shipping her and Tom Branson and wanted them to be together! At the end of the movie, it looked like they were going to be a couple, but there is no such thing as happily ever after in Downton. For God's sake, they even had Edith fight with her husband and her pregnancy.

I swear, if there is not at least a book detailing these story lines, I will riot.


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