Top 5 Reasons to Visit your nearest Nando's in Dubai

Nando's was established in 1987 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Though the beginnings were humble, by 1989, they expanded to Portugal and, by 2017, had thousands of outlets in 35 countries. What makes Nandos’s unique and why you must visit a joint in Dubai?


Here are the top 5 reasons to inspire you to explore more about this restaurant chain and order Nando’s online. 


World’s Best Chicken

Nando’s is mainly known for its world-famous peri-peri flavored chicken. This recipe has been a secret and a USP since the first establishment. The grilled chicken marinated in secret spices is so addictive that most of those who visit Nando’s are repeat customers.


Sauces like no other

What adds to the zing of a Nando’s chicken is their variety of sauces. The spicy hot African peri-peri forms the identity of Nandos’s. But they do have a ‘PERI-Ometer’ that helps you choose the spice level of your favorite order: Extra Hot, Hot, Mild, Mango & Lime, Lemon, and Herb, Plain…ish

Their garlic sauce is an absolute killer too!


Bottomless Soft drinks

As the spices start to kick in, the tanginess calls for some fizz. Gulp down as many soft drinks as you want and make your experience at Nando’s a memorable one.


Ambiance and Unique Interiors

From the moment of entering a Nando's, the experience of being in a fantasy peri-peri world begins. The interior is so unique, and so is the story. The red that you see in all the Nando's eateries worldwide is called Peri-red and has been carefully chosen by a specialist South African colorist to closely represent the color of peri-peri chilies. 


In addition to the color, you will also find the usage of triangle and flames in the interior. Triangle represents family, and the flame represents the art of flame grill.


Great Service

What makes a Nando’s great is their great service. What makes any place awesome is the service staff that serves you with a warm smile, no matter what time of the day. You will find this in all the branches of Nando’s. All you need to do is pick up your favorite!


Fun Fact: The Nando’s love for peri-peri chilly reaches the next level when you realize that the apostrophe in their name represents a peri-peri chilly.


Dubai has more than ten outlets of Nando's spread across various locations. Pick your favorite, and do share a review with us!


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