Career Style Guide: Master the Business Casual Dress Code

In the the business world, there’s been a slight shift lately regarding the acceptable work-appropriate dress code. In most workplaces nowadays, business casual reigns supreme. And even though this style is seemingly not too difficult to master, to some people, it can be quite difficult to put together.

The fact of the matter is that most people get confused as to where the business aspect ends and the casual begins. If you’re not careful, you can easily go too far regarding either of the two. That’s why we’ve created a style checklist that should help you master the business casual dress code in no time. Check it out.

A solid blazer

When trying to master the business casual dress code, the first staple you’ll need to invest in is a solid blazer. This garment can easily take any look and bring it up a notch. When choosing the right blazer, the first thing you need to ensure is that the fit is on point. If you manage to secure the right fit, the style of the blazer itself won’t play too big of a role. Additionally, if you’re looking to invest in a single piece, make sure you go with something versatile, so that you can easily combine it with various outfits.

The right pants

Next, you’ll also need to invest in a few pares of pants. If you live somewhere where the temperature changes quite a bit throughout the year, you need to ensure that you have the right pair for every season. The most difficult thing is finding the right business casual pants for summer. Ideally, you should explore the world of light linen pants that are perfect for hot summer days. When it gets a bit chillier, corduroy pants are the way to go.

Carefully selected tops

Moreover, tops play another key role in securing the right style. With business casual, you’ll have a bit more leeway when it comes to choosing the tops. Depending on where you work, you can sometimes go as casual as graphic tees, or you can take a bit more serious route and go for stylish yet a bit more casual button-downs. There is a plethora of business casual appropriate tops in the market, so the only thing you’ll need to decide is just how business or casual you want to go. If your workplace is really not that strict when it comes to your personal style, always choose the pieces you feel the most comfortable in.

Stylish accessories

Accessories play a very important part in assembling any look. However, when it comes to business casual, you may want to keep things as minimal and simple as possible. For instance, always make sure that you have the right bag and try to match it with either your shoes or your belt – or preferably both. Additionally, make sure you get yourself a fashionable card holder wallet so that all of your valuables are nicely stored. Putting a bit more thought into choosing each of these pieces will do wonders for your style, so make sure you don’t do it haphazardly.

The right shoes

Finally, we need to talk about footwear. Just like with pants, choosing the appropriate footwear can be a bit tricky, especially during summer. However, the fact is that you simply can’t go wrong if you opt for a stylish pair of light leather shoes. If, for any reason, you prefer not to wear leather, a pair of nice faux suede shoes will work just as well. The main thing you need to focus on is that your shoes always look clean and well-maintained. Otherwise, you’re risking diminishing your entire appearance.


As you can see, mastering the business casual dress style really boils down to carefully choosing a handful of staple pieces that will enable you to rock this style in no time. What’s more, all of those pieces can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion which makes them the perfect choice even outside business settings. So, if you’re looking to rock business casual, make sure you choose the right outfit pieces that will enable you to assemble this style in no time. 


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