Alcohol and Prayer

November 8th will mark election day and, hopefully, the end of the most divisive and hateful election every in the history of the United States. This truly cannot come soon enough; friendships have been lost and you cannot even speak of any one candidate without provoking a verbal clash.

One of the reasons for this is because of the shitty candidates each party has nominated.

First off, we have Hilary Clinton (Democrat) who is a criminal and a fool. See exhibit A below:


Then we have the Donald Trump Clown show. He's basically a Democrat who turned Republican like 5 minutes ago.


(I actually thought this was pretty funny and don't forget "grab them by the @#$%@#")

Next there is Libertarian Gary Johnson who is also a Democrat and a pot head.


(@33 seconds.. Wtf?)

Lastly, we have Green Party Jill Stein who is just bat shit crazy.


(One of THE dumbest things I ever heard)

The country is screwed either way with any of these candidates being elected...I, therefore, will be attempting to recover from my sadness with my best friends:


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