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The majority of us happen to be brought up within the conventional healthcare model which is extra person-to-person as an alternative to virtual. Resulting from ever-changing lockdown norms most of us have already been unable to check out hospitals or clinics and doctors are unavailable for ‘in individual visits’. There is certainly also the lingering fear of acquiring infected if we step out. Get additional information about Second opinion platform

Seeing the continuous challenge people across the globe had been facing when it come to speaking to a doctor or wanting to look to get a second opinion from an professional, the concept for iCardin was born.

Sameer Extra (CEO iCardin, a tech evangelist, a sturdy believer of ‘change’ and within the #Atmanirbhar ideology) and his team decided to launch a platform wherein everyone across the globe could seek an exclusive second opinion about their diseases or disorders right from the comfort of their couch in just 3 very simple methods.

So, what is this platform all about?

iCardin can be a pocket friendly and secure platform that provides an unbiased second opinion to sufferers battling with mental health issues, cardiological & neurological problems, neonatal & pediatric illnesses all under one roof.

iCardin offers insights into alternative treatment options and validates the current medical diagnosis to help you make informed decisions about your healthcare and treatment plan ahead. Their panel of physicians comes from an experience range of 12-15 years and are well known super-specialist practitioners from India, the US, and UK.

Imaging tests such as an MRI, brain scan or similar can also be availed through iCardin’s various diagnostic centres and lab partners across India. Apart from this, they can help with additional facts on other treatment opportunities related to neuroradiology, clinical trials and much more. They are also offering in-patient services for international sufferers to find top quality, affordable medical care at India’s best healthcare centres.

Sameer believes: “ With everyone focusing mostly on COVID, I found that some of my near and dear ones have been struggling with having through to medical doctors for an alternate opinion on medical troubles like migraine, chronic spine/brain issues, preterm birth, ADHD, depression, etc. In some cases they had been recommended to go for complex surgery or take high doses of medications, which was unsettling for them; Its not always black and white with certain recommendations, hence the hesitation and second guessing. And to top it all, the lack of ‘ in-person visits’, reaching out to specialists was becoming a concern. I’m glad that iCardin was there at a crucial time and this swift mode of giving out consultations came as a benefit even to the medical doctors.”

How does it work?

Any person wanting to speak with a doctor can come to iCardin’s platform, fill in their details, get a personal care manager assigned to them for understanding their medical history/records and consult over a tele/video call. The meeting occurs within 24 hours of making an appointment and you can go over your available treatment options through a virtual tele or face-to-face interaction with iCardin’s doctor, without having to queue up for hours outside clinics. Post this a personalized report is shared for a handy reference and individuals can also do free follow-ups inside the subsequent weeks.

Sameer adds: “With over 50% people opting for a second opinion with non-emergency challenges or acute medical conditions, we are looking to be flexible and personalized in how we offer a second opinion to our patients. Because of iCardin’s ease and promptness to address patient problems, since the launch of this initiative just over a month ago, extra than 30 individuals have availed this service satisfactorily from different parts of the world such as Dubai, South Africa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kolkata, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu to name a few. We do have a long way to go but this definitely adds a boost to our efforts.”

When your doctor recommends a medication or procedure, for any condition, you almost certainly have questions and concerns such as ‘could there be an alternative? Or could I have been misdiagnosed?’. These reactions are normal. It’s not about ignoring the first opinion but it doesn’t mean you need to accept everything you just heard at face value because there actually could be another option available. The next step should be to get a second opinion.

And now you know where to turn for the ‘new normal’!

You can connect with iCardin on www.icardin.com, mail at info@icardin.com or Call/WhatsApp on 91 9823440640


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