Is Your Generation Leading Entrepreneurship?

In today's society, the word entrepreneur is more casually thrown around that it has ever been. But what does being an entrepreneur actually mean? What immediately comes to mind if someone were to walk up to you and tell you they were an entrepreneur? Similarly, what kind of person comes to mind when envisioning an entrepreneur. Often times, entrepreneurs are envisioned as young individuals who have industry revolutionizing ideas. But contrary to the stigma associated with entrepreneurs, anyone at any age or with any business idea is an entrepreneur. Due to the internet's massive influence on daily lives, older generations are falling behind, and are becoming out of touch with society. Fortunately, there is a place where aging individuals can learn about the digital world in which they live. 

This place is called 'Senior Planet' and it is a technology-themed community center for individuals who are over the age of 60. The center teaches its community simple activities, such as finding photos on Facebook or Instagram or complex actions such as utilizing Google Suite or creating Wix websites. These individuals have just as many interesting, unique and revolutionizing ideas as any other person, they just need an outside source aiding them along the process. There have been quite a few success stories that have come from the Senior Planet. The age of retirement is become older and older, due to two primary factors. One, the cost of living, forcing people to work longer just to support themselves in old age, and two, the boredom that sets in oftentimes accompanied by retirement. This is part of the reason Senior Planet is so necessary. It enables older individuals to stay active and engaged, which keeps them physically and mentally active. 

So what are these older individuals doing with what they are learning, they are starting businesses and infiltrating the marketing so successfully that they made headlines. Through this program and learning center, these individuals are known to be the next generation of entrepreneurs and are all over 65 years of age. Some of their business ideas include things like moble pet washes for other elderly adults or creating Etsy shops, or even one gentleman who always wanted to write a book. Through the classes, these individuals who attended were able to make the advancements they needed in order to achieve whatever the desire of their hearts are. 

Entrepreneurs come from all different backgrounds, generations and create multitudes of different ideas. While the stigma for entrepreneurs is that they are young, industry revolutionizing individuals, the truth is they can come from anywhere. Next time the word entrepreneur is said or discussed, pay extra attention to who the entrepreneur is and what their product or service is. It may surprise you to see who has what to offer. So before dismissing an older generation for being out of date, consider the contrary. 'Retired' individuals are mature and have had plenty of time to think about their passions, and how they want to spend the rest of their lives. Additionally, older generations seem to be better for entrepreneurship due to the amount of time in which they can dedicate to their businesses. They have more life experience and more connections to aid in the success of their businesses. So next time you meet an entrepreneur, listen to their ideas they may be starting the exact thing you never knew you needed. 


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