Cable Tie For Every Household

The latest cable ties that have made quite an impression in the market are the metal cable ties and the reusable cable ties. Both these cable ties are different from each other according to their nature and components, but they are superior to the commonly used standard cable ties in every way possible. What makes the metal cable ties and the reusable cable ties significant than the standard plastic cable lies in the fact that these cable ties are durable on account of their component and design.

Types of Metal cable ties

There are few types of metal cable ties available in the market such as stainless steel cable ties, polyester-coated stainless steel cable ties, metal detectable cable ties etc. All these metal cable ties vary from one another in terms of use and design but are used in food, pharmacy and drinks manufacturing industries. Amongst all these metal cable ties, the metal detectable cable ties are reusable cable ties.

Reusable cable ties

Reusable cable ties are standard cable ties with an adjustable pawl which need not be cut after a single-use and can be adjusted to free the bundle and use again to tie anything. These cable ties are made from a fabric material that does not lose its elasticity like plastic and is easy to wrap around any object. The latch of black cable ties is also different than the plastic cable ties that can be released from the buckle easily. These are made in the hook and loop design for easy use and durability.


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