The evil rich people.

You have to think about this. Rich people are thought by liberals to be evil. They should share the wealth so everyone is equal.

It is people that are lucky to have money and spend it. When you buy the big car, boat, airplane, house, vacation.......bla bla bla think of all the people that benifit having a job. When Carter put a 10% tax on certain purchases I was building sailboats. Killed the business. Roy became a Firemen, sucked all that tax money from the middle class, thank you.

It is called trickle down economics. I buy something, and thousands benifit. You give all your money in taxes and only a few get it and they are two stupid to relize that when the rich run out of money, no more free stuff.

It has been proven over and over in time. Get educated, love your family, stay off drugs, work harder than you ever though possible, never give up, never give up. Stop listening to the talking heads, use yours, common sence rules.

Be happy


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