Top 5 trending technology applications in 2019

Almost every aspect of our modern lives, seismic changes are just being brought by the rapid changing technology.

2019 has been marked and filled with the news of technology. Last year can be said to be a revolutionary year in terms of technology and the trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anymore. For instance, in 2019, we are witnessing cars that are self-driving, doctors who are artificially intelligent and deliveries that are carried out by drones. Some of the big words that have become common in 2019 include AL,.IoT,, AR and Big Data. The following are the 5 trends in technology that have been considered to be at the top.

1.      Artificial intelligence AI foundation:

AI is believed to be present in every app and service for the next few years to come.  According to the survey carried out by Gartner, it was established that 59% of the organizations are still in the process of collecting information that can be relied upon in the process of building their own AI strategy. On the other hands, those ones that have been left out are busy making progress in adapting AL solutions.

This means that AI has become part of our everyday life and it is being merged into a varied range of applications. For instance, many companies are using AI in helping their potential customers in customizing their daily experiences.

The software algorithms that are used to power AI up is currently increasing in sophistication and complexity which is a clear indication that many tasks that are performed by human beings will be taken over ranging from investing in banks to driving.

2.      Intelligent things and Chat Bots:

The intelligent things are known to use AI and machine learning in order to corporate in a manner that is more intelligent with our surroundings and also us as individuals. They are used to operate autonomously or semi-autonomously so as to be able to complete the set targets or goals that are pre-determinate.

This means that a more intermediary intelligent way layer will b created by the intelligent apps between individuals and the system of transforming the work and the workplace structure. For instance, the Chabot have illustrated a good example of how individuals can easily interact with the digital world.

It is my believe the future chat box will be better and smarter, leveraging internet of things technology and the artificial intelligence will be advanced to overcome the huge grips of our consumers.

Paying attention to the pace at which AI is evolving, in future it will be difficult for people to believe whether they are chatting with real human beings or chatbots when conducting internet interaction.

3.      Data Overload:

Currently, almost every activity that is being done leaves behind data trail. According to the statistics issued with the World Economics Forums, in a minute 900,000 logins were witnessed in Facebook, 156 logins in emails and 15 million texts are sent and more than 342 million apps are being downloaded.

By bringing together the power of classical statistics and computer science, the analysis of data will allow huge extraction of important information that is meaningful. This will lead to changes in how companies conduct their business across the world. Therefore, most of the companies have already realized the commoditization and power of the consumer data and therefore the collection and analyzing data in 2019 has become a priority.

4.      Immersive Experience:

The interaction with the digital world in the modern world has completely changed the mixed perception realities, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR). The idea is to ensure that the digital realm is brought to the real world and provides the opportunities to select where the user can interact with the real world or situations while dealing with the digital.

The steady improvement that was made in the hardware performance has allowed the AR and VR to be introduced to the high number of products ranging from the ordinary smartphones to gaming accessories that are advanced and the trend is deemed to continue in paving the way to augmenting of our daily environment.

5.      Blockchain:

The blockchain is defined as the real-time shared decentralized and a distributed ledger which is open to every individual. In this case, records of anything can be taken from physical assets to financial transactions in order to help the business remove fiction by being independent of participants applications.

The blockchain is widely accepted as the most powerful engine that is behind the current crypto-currencies. The technology has kept the promise to bring changes to the industry of financial services and other areas of businesses such as the government, supply chain, healthcare, and content distribution.

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