What a woman needs to know during twin baby pregnancy?

When you come to know about your twin baby pregnancy, it is natural to think about what kind of precautions you should take after and before giving birth to twins. You have to be well prepared mentally and take all the safety measures that will make you and your baby healthy. When you are pregnant with twins and it is your first time you should be more attentive about everything. You should consult your elders as they can give you the best advice regarding pregnancy. Because they are well experienced and know everything about it. If you want a natural twin birth you should follow some preventive measures given below.


Precautions to be taken during twin birth:


  • Have a rich protein diet that includes folic acid.
  • Eat green leafy vegetables that contain iron.
  • Take extra folic acid and iron if your doctor advises.
  • Visit your doctor from time to time.
  • Take enough sleep.
  • Always use seat belts while travelling.
  • Never take stress during this period.
  • Also avoid some harmful foods like Raw or Undercooked Eggs, Alcohol, Caffeine.
  • You should have a balanced diet during this stage.
  • Don't smoke and do street drugs.


After having newborn twins parents have to make many important  decisions to take care of their babies. They should pay attention to each and every activity of their babies. You should be sure that your babies are born healthy. For knowing it, you can have deep observation on your newborn baby twins. You can observe their urine colour if it is light or dark yellow.


Or you can check  diapers of your babies  from time to time to know if they are wetting it or not. If twin babies are wetting four diapers in a day there is no need to worry. But if they are discharging pinkish urine continuously, you should consult their pediatrician immediately.


You should also observe your twin baby’s bowel movements. Whether a mother is breastfeeding to her babies or feeding by bottles the stools of your babies should not be hard otherwise it can result in abdominal pain. Discharging hard tools means your babies are not getting a proper fluid diet or they are losing too much fluid due to illness, heat or fever. In that case also you should consult a pediatrician.


There are types of twins also like identical twins and fraternal twins there are also sub types of identical twins like mirror image twins


What is unique in identical twin babies?


Identical twins occur when only one egg is fertilized by single sperm. But the female egg splits in two shortly afterward. Each broken half egg then grows into a baby. The identical twin babies are also called monozygotic twins because their chromosomes are also identical. That means these twins are of the same sex and have the same genetic qualities, like their hair colour and eye colour are same. But due to their environment they can have little differences in their appearance. When parents are going through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) process the frequency of the giving birth to identical twins increases. It can be twice compared to natural conception.

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