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Owning a car is a dream everyone sees as a child. When the time comes to turn that dream into reality, most of us just enquire about the makers and models of the car. However, besides the models and manufacturers, there’s one more thing that a buyer needs to understand before making the purchase, the type of car to buy. The cars are categorized based on their body styles. Sedans, SUVs, Convertibles, and Hatchbacks are some of the popular car types, which you may have heard. This post will help you get an insight of these styles and help you understand which style suits your need.

Cabrio Coach 

These types of cars have large sunroofs that are made of high-quality textiles and are retractable. These cars have single body frame and detachable rooftops both of which made these cars extremely popular in Germany in the 1930s. Cabrio coaches are also known as semi-convertibles because of their removable rooftops. Cars such as BMW 318ti, Nissan Figaro, Suzuki Vitara, and Volkswagen Polo are Cabrio coach body style available in the market today. 

Convertible or Cabriolet 

As their name suggests, these type of cars have a convertible feature that sees an enclosed car becoming an open air vehicle in no time. Also known as cabriolet, some of the classical convertible models had manually detachable roofs, however, today, it is replaced with fully automatic hydraulic or electrical actuators. The convertibles have steel or plastic, or carbon fiber made hard roofs that automatically folds away into the trunk. Today, Ferrari California, Volvo C70, BMW M3 are some of the leading convertibles that offer a great driving experience. 

Crossover (CUV) 

Crossovers utility vehicles or CUV can be called as a hybrid of hatchbacks or station wagons and  sports utility vehicles. The combination of the features of the different style of cars gives CUV attributes such as high ground clearance, four-wheel drive (optional), and high point seating, along with characteristics such as optimum handling, excellent fuel efficiency, and passenger vehicles’ platform. Crossovers are highly suitable for a road trip with friends as it can stock a little more cargo. Some of the CUV options available in the market today include Fiat Palio, Ford EcoSport, and Audi Q. 


Hatchbacks have a back door entry shared by both the passengers and the cargo. This style of car usually have two box designs that come with three pillars but some hatchbacks even have a fourth pillar. The modern hatchbacks are designed with four pillar strategy. Ford Fiesta is one such hatchback car. Hatchbacks are comparable to a station wagon, but their last pillar and curved back differentiate it from a wagon. These compact cars are often referred to as family car for their competitive pricing that allows a salaried employee to fulfill their dream of owning a vehicle. 

Sedan or Saloon 

Sedan is a very popular style of car because of its comfort and appearance. Sedans come in different classes and variants, and mostly are 4+seaters that have fully covered rooftop offering full height up to the rear windows. Sedans are a three-box design with the first compartment containing the engine, the second is for the passengers, and the third is for the cargo. The center compartment for passengers has two rows that allow comfortable sitting. If you are looking for a luxurious and comfortable car, Sedan is the perfect option. 

SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) 

Sport utility vehicles are fitted on a small truck like chassis that gives the style of the car its big look. These cars are engineered for off-road drives because of their high ground clearance, extreme power to carry heavy load, big tires, and ample sitting space. Mainly SUVs have a two wheel drive with optional four-wheel drive. There are many variants and types in this segment of car depending on their wide use. Some of the modern SUVs that are worth a purchase are Nissan Murano, Range Rover Evoque, and Toyota Fortuner. 


Wagon style cars are quite similar to sedan and hatchbacks. The primary difference being the extra gate - liftgate or tailgate - on the rare side. Wagon is a two box car with three or four pillars. The roof of the wagon cars extends to the rear with full height, giving the car big windows on the back as well. Volkswagen Passat is one of the most popular Wagon in the market. 

Which One to Buy? 

Buying a car is not an easy decision. Not only you need to understand your needs, but you also have to keep your budget in check. In case your budget is not allowing you to buy a brand new car, you can always go for a junk car. You can easily get an old junk car in an online auction at a cheap price that will not burden your pocket.


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