Things to Remember when choosing a Singapore Business Name

Finding a name that is unique and appropriate for your company is as much a daunting task as it is an exciting one. While some people are very pragmatic in choosing a name that best fits their business, some people are very keen on choosing one that fits their numerological and fortune factors. Regardless of which category you are, you must be mindful of the regulations governing the names of companies.

Doing a Singapore Company Name Check

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) is the approving authority. Mostly the chosen name will be approved, and the Registrar will only reject a proposed company or business name for purposes of incorporation, registration or change of name if that name is:

  1. 1. identical to another registered business/company; or
  2. 2. identical to a reserved name (Reserved business name are names already approved by ACRA but not registered because the business entity behind the reserved business name has not been incorporated yet.
  3. 3. undesirable ( it is obscene or offensive); or
  4. 4. of a kind the Minister has directed the Registrar not to accept ( As of date, the word “Temasek” is not accepted for registration).

It must be noted that if the proposed name includes terms such as bank, military, academy, institution, finance, financial institution, clearinghouse, architect etc., it will be referred to the relevant authorities for their approval, as the case warrants. So while naming your business or company, be wary of including such terms that require referral to additional authorities and include them only if such terms are indispensable. Also, avoid names that are suggestive of links with any government agencies or statutory bodies.

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