Online dating: how to find the perfect partner

Around the world, 91 million people use dating sites and apps. It is not easy to find the “right” person among these millions, but sometimes science can help with this, says Dr. Zand van Tulleken.
Some people enjoy the lonely bachelor life, but for me it is torment - perhaps because I have a twin brother.
And yet I suddenly realized that all these years I had given too much preference - I suspect in vain - to work and travel.
I decided to find out for the BBC Horizons program if a scientific approach to dating could improve my chances of success.
The first difficulty I faced was getting noticed.
For me, filling out a personal questionnaire on the site is the most difficult and unpleasant part of the whole process. The thought of having to go through a process of agonizing self-examination (and the subsequent remorse of conscience) haunted me.
In addition, you also have to describe your "ideal partner", which always seemed to me not very pleasant and in some ways even sexist necessity, which also requires a fair amount of optimism and good imagination.

For help, I turned to Khalid Khan, a professor at Queen Mary University of London, who had studied dozens of scientific papers on online dating.
This topic attracted him not only as a scientist: he tried to help a friend who could not find a girlfriend.
This seemed to me like a sign of true friendship, especially since the article written by Khan included a detailed analysis of a huge amount of data.
His research showed that some dating profiles are clearly more attractive than others (thanks to this analysis, his friend has now found his half and is happy).
Khalid Khan says that 70% of the information on your profile should be devoted directly to you and only 30% - to those qualities that you are looking for in a partner. Research shows that these proportions get more attention because people feel more confident and don't hesitate to write you a line or two. This seemed convincing to me. But there are other conclusions as well. For example, women are more likely to be attracted to men who demonstrate courage, bravery, and a willingness to take risks, rather than kindness and altruism. And I thought my medical career would be a plus. If you want to write that you have a great sense of humor, show it better, Han advises.

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