How Yoga Poses Can Help us Physically?

To keep ourselves physically active, we do a lot of things like going to the gym, going for a walk, running, swimming, aerobics, and dance. We eat healthy food just to keep ourselves healthy. But do you know that all the energy which you put in doing these things, you can put just half of it in Yoga and can achieve better physical health. We do not say that exercising is not good. Even, if you want to build the muscles or abs, we will suggest you go for the gym only or do other activities also. But what about the pain and the soreness that you get after doing exercises in the gym? For that, you can practice yoga, as it really helps a lot in maintaining our physical health.

With the combination of different yoga postures, you can achieve good health easily. All you will need to do is to learn some of the yoga asanas, that can help you physically. You can join yoga classes or can also take help from the yoga teachers. There are some basic yoga poses for beginners, you should start learning them first. Then you can move to the advanced level yoga poses. Once you will start practicing yoga, you will explore more and more benefits of it towards our physical as well as our mental health. Let’s know how yoga can help us physically.

Helps in improving our body posture – This is one of the common problems which we all are facing these days. Especially the one who have a sitting job, they more tend to have bad body posture. Bad body posture can harm us in many ways. As because of the bad body posture, we may not feel relaxed. Also, it harms our muscles and bones as well. Bad body posture can be developed because of many reasons. But if not taken proper care, it will give us a problem in the long run. We all know that there are different types of yoga poses. Some of these yoga asanas are dedicated to improving our body posture also. But do not expect that your body posture will be improved in just one or two days. You will need to practice the yoga poses regularly, if you want to get rid of the bad body posture and the pain that occurs because of it in joints and muscles.

Strengthens the bones – We all go to the gym for doing different types of workout especially those related to bones for strengthening our bones. Most of these exercises include lifting heavy weight. In yoga also, there are many types of asanas, where one will need to balance or lift his or her body weight. These yoga asanas help in strengthening the bones. This is not just good for our bones, but it is also going to help in saving our bones from getting injured and fractured. So, you can now build your muscles and strengthen your bones also with the help of different yoga asanas.

Makes your body more flexible – Just like they say that sports and dance help in making your body flexible. Similarly, yoga also helps in making your body flexible. All the yoga asanas require flexibility in the body. If your body is already flexible, you can easily perform yoga. But not everyone’s body is flexible, and that is why people face problem in performing yoga asanas. Because of the stiffness in our muscles, we find it quite difficult to perform the easy yoga asanas also. But do not quit yoga just because of this reason. As everything takes time and so does the yoga also. Initially, you may face problem but slowly and gradually you will feel that your body is becoming more flexible. Also, you will be able to perform more yoga asanas with ease because of improved body flexibility.

Help you in improving the body balance – It is important to maintain the perfect body balance for performing different tasks. Especially for those who are in any sports or who do dance, they must have good body balancing skills. Have you noticed people practicing different yoga asanas with ease on one leg or by standing on their hands, and in different other ways? So, what you thought, that how they have learned such good balancing skills? No, they do not have these abilities from birth. They have learned balancing skills by practicing yoga regularly. Try as many yoga asanas as you can but in the guidance of the yoga instructor. Initially, you may fail in forming the poses correctly, but later on, you will learn how to balance your body and do these yoga asanas.

Eliminate the body pain – We all know that people are practicing different yoga asanas for getting rid of chronic pain like arthritis pain and other such pains in joints and muscles. There are many yoga asanas which are completely dedicated to reducing and lowering the pain in certain body parts. Because of the bad body posture or some past injuries, such pain occurs again and again. But thanks to yoga, as it helps in eliminating the body pain by relaxing the muscles. With regular practice of yoga asanas, one can completely get rid of the body pain.

Saves you from the injuries – Don’t be surprised to know that yoga asanas can save you from different types of injuries. Generally, the people who are recovering from an injury, they prefer to take help of yoga for recovering completely. However, we advise you to seek a doctor’s consultation before picking up any form of yoga for injury recovery. Also, make sure that the yoga instructor is available to help you. This is how yoga can make you feel better after the injuries. But yoga can also save one from injuries and that is because yoga helps in becoming us more flexible. With the increased flexibility in our body, there are fewer chances of getting injured. Because our bones and joints also become flexible, and this what reduces the chance of having broken bones. Along with flexibility, yoga also helps in developing a good body balance. So, because of body balance, one will have fewer chances of accidents.


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