The Proper Ways to Dip Your Favorite Foods Into Coffee

Some foods just taste better with a fresh cup of strong coffee.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks—coffee is the secret weapon that can take any eating experience to the next level. It’s so true that people have dunked food into coffee since practically the beginning of time. It’s like the liquid equivalent to the Hand of Midas—it just turns some foods into pure gold, people.

All over the world, coffee-drinkers dunk and soak foods in coffee to create delicious flavor combinations. The real question is, are you using the best coffee dunking technique? From classic treats to unexpected delicacies, there’s a proper way to dip your favorite foods into a cup of joe.


Biscotti are twice-baked cookies with a perfect dunking shape. They are excellent options, even for the daintiest nibblers. Before biscotti became the delicious dunking heroes they are today, they were more like a sort of hold-you-over, hard, bready thing for Roman soldiers to eat.

You can enjoy biscotti as you sit elegantly in a bistro chair, delicately holding by two fingers, dipping it into your steaming coffee and swirling it around a bit to soften. Alternatively, try gripping your mug of coffee with high caffeine and dunking your biscotti into it with reckless abandon like a war-ready Roman soldier. The bistro sounds picturesque, but then you wouldn’t get to practice your battle cry.


You can include a lot of bread things into one bread category. Think doughnuts, buttered toast, French bread and scones. Most caffeine coffee varieties don’t need anything too sweet or flowery to cloud or overwhelm their delectable flavor notes. People who use bread as their preferred dunking option probably know a good coffee when they drink it. Or they just don’t care and just want the highest caffeine they can find. You really can’t blame ’em for that.

A good tip is to slightly warm up your bread before dunking. If it gets too warm, you failed, your bread falls apart and your day is ruined. Dip quickly to ensure your bread holds, and don’t eat it too slow because bread could get soggy. Is anything worse than soggy bread?

Doughnuts tend to be a little sturdier than other bread options. I mean, they’ve been through some stuff—namely a vat of boiling oil. So, a dunk into your coffee is a walk in the park.


Lately, it seems like every country has their own cheesy variant infiltrating a perfectly good cup of coffee. It’s kind of liking trying escargot—you can say you’ve done it once, but if you try to pretend you like eating snails, no one’s actually going to believe you.

Take your cues from different countries. Northern Scandinavians drop cheese curds into their cups, Colombians melt queso campesino at the bottom of their coffee to enjoy at the end of their drink, and certain parts of France just dip their very fragrant cheese into the brew.

In addition to these three suggestions, there are plenty of other dippable foods, like rusks, biscuits, cookies, stroopwafels, croissants, tortillas filled with peanut butter, your hopes and dreams, overdue work projects—strong coffee makes everything better.

If you want to make your life better, just dip everything in coffee. Okay, maybe not everything.

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