How To Increase Referrals For Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal defense lawyers facing the central challenge of getting potential clients efficiently and serving them successfully. It may efficiently happen through referrals. The challenge criminal defense lawyers are facing is how to increase referrals for more business chances.

Referrals may introduce you with the warm welcome notifications that “I know the best criminal defense lawyer to find an effective solution for your problem”.

1.Exploit Your Existing and Former Clients

One of the greatest ways to increase your referral source is exploiting your existing and former clients. Former clients mean that they do not have any work for that moment, and existing client means that they do have some work for that moment with you (Lawyers). The circle of existing, former clients and potential clients may more or less same and small.

2. Other Lawyers Outside Your Firm

Getting more referrals from other lawyers who are all belongs to outside of your firm is best practice to make potential clients. Now you may have a question like why other lawyers should refer you.


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