San Gabriel Mountain Views

Until recently, I never really thought of going to the San Gabriel mountains for a hiking adventure. It's a bit far and we have many scenic mountain locations near where we live. But friends told us of a trip they took and recommended we go. Especially since we've had a lot of rain in our area recently. I'm glad we took their advice.

This is the San Gabriel dam, a rock dam on the river completed in 1939.

If you take the Azusa exit off of the 210 freeway and head toward the hills it is a relatively short drive into the mountains from the freeway.

After the recent rains, the stream we encountered was full of rushing water and was quite beautiful. Unfortunately, too many people do not respect nature and the enjoyment for others because there is graffiti on many of the rocks along the water's edge.

Jessie likes to take the water's temperature!

We also found this waterfall.

Walking in nature, enjoying each other's company is a day worth cherishing and remembering.


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