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With an average altitude of more than 800m, a slope of 25o to 35o, all create a typical landscape of monsoon tropical forest ecosystem. See more details of the Ba Na Hills Tour here. When mentioning "Ba Na", many tourists want to know about the origin of this name

The summit of Ba Na mountain is quite cold, most likely the foot of the mountain is hot, but when it comes to the top of the mountain, will be chilly so don't forget to bring a thin coat. There are many car dealerships, tours you can choose from and the price of each service will fluctuate depending on the travel time. During the period from 1919 to 1938, at the same time with the construction of hundreds of villas, hospitals, post offices, banks ... to serve the vacation needs of military officials, military officers and commercials. French family and wealthy Vietnamese on top of Ba Na, the French built this cellar in 1923

They worked until 6am that day to perfect the lines painters. Ba Na Hills Tour Menu Suoi Mo Cable Car- Ba Na has set two records World: The longest single-wire cable car in the world: 5. In particular, the beautiful Toc Tien waterfall with 9 floors of cascades overlapping creating a white bubble scene, visitors will be impressed with the majestic waterfall and Surrounding are extremely rich and diverse fauna and flora

Besides promoting economy, what other social roles does tourism have? As I said, Vietnam deserves to appear more on the world map. Ba Na Hills tourist center has an altitude of 1489m above sea level, with many outstanding modern works among four majestic mountains. 000 people, mostly French and Vietnamese officials

With that determination, we made a promise to Da Nang, and so on. Pumpkins are in squares, gardens, shops, amusement parks, and of course, on the dining table. The downside is that you will have to carry a lot of junk, but there is a huge advantage that is the ability to maximize cost savings

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