Looking for a soul mate?

The new dating site cherishdates.com is the perfect place to find your love.

The service was developed by professionals in the field of relationships. The team made sure that the site has all conditions for comfortable and liberated communication. The aim of the developers is to help single people find the right partner, without unnecessary stress.

You choose what behavioral strategy you will follow on the site: build strong relationships or flirt with bachelors. On this site, communication is fun and easy.

You won't be limited by geography or social boundaries. Right now, you can register and start a secure search.

Cherishdates.com saves your time

The online dating format is about saving time. You won't have to put up with someone who isn't right for you. And you don't even need a face-to-face meeting.

There are filters on the service, according to which the system selects suitable partners. Already in the first stage of communication you will understand: you will have a fascinating entertainment or boring conversations.

You'll know in 15 minutes what you would normally find out after 2 dates! With easy and relaxed communication, the words flow by themselves.

Cherishdates.com adds self-confidence

Making the first move can be really difficult. Especially if noisy parties aren't your thing and making small talk isn't your strong suit.

The cherishdates.com team is mindful of these nuances. That's why on the site you can simply show a sign that you're ready to start chatting. It's much easier than in reality. Here you are not in danger of rejection.

Among the users of cherishdates.com you will definitely find someone with whom you can build a relationship based on mutual understanding and support.

How to start your search?

On the main page of cherishdates.com you need to register for free: you will need to indicate your name, sex, age and e-mail address.

Then you should fill in your profile with detailed information about yourself and add some photos. The system will help you to find the most suitable potential partners using data from your profile. Moreover, you can set the parameters that are important for your search by using filters.

Our service is available 24 hours a day. Our easy search and comfortable environment will give you the opportunity to choose the person with the same interests and values.

Chat, flirt, date! Perfect couples have already connected on cherishdates.com.


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