Malaysian 370 Disappearance

The Malaysian Airline 370 was the airplane which disappeared on March 8, 2014. What makes this disappearance so interesting is that the remnants of the airplane were never found until this day. Even now, the whole airplane still hasn't been found, but just bits and pieces. 

To understand the disappearance a little more let's go back the March 8, 2014. There were 227 passengers in the airplane. Most of the passengers were Chinese. Around 1a.m. when the pilot relayed "good night. " Five seconds after the airplane crossed into Vietnamese airspace the airplane dropped from the radar. Centers from Vietnam and Malaysia tried contacting the airplane, but there was no response. Around 6 a.m. the plane should have landed in Beijing, but there was no indication of landing from the center in Beijing. It was then when the search began. First, 34 ships and 28 aircrafts were sent out to begin the initial search. Nothing turned up for a few days, but data gathered from the Malaysian air-force revealed (when the plane disappeared from the radar) showed that the plane turned southwest and wrapped back around the Malaysian Peninsula. It then flew across the Strait of Malacca and over the Andaman Sea. After this, nothing else indicated the direction of the plane. Judging from the data gathered from the data, the plane seemed to be approaching Antarctica. 

Now to the theories of how it disappeared. Some people claim it was a hijacking, but everyone on the flight was background checked. Others say the pilot had an agenda of his own, but after contacting the pilot's family members they said he was someone who "loved life." One more theory is that everyone on the plane lost consciousness due to some substance or the altitude. Following this unconsciousness, the plane kept flying until it lost fuel. However, none of these theories explain how the radar actually went off or why the wreckage of the ship is still not found to this day. 



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