Remodel Your Basement | Special Considerations Explained!

Remodeling of the foundation can expand the square footage, but unlike other remodeling projects, their requirements are different. Take into account the problems associated with moisture prevention and waste disposal at the beginning of planning, and these concerns will not cause unnecessary complications when remodeling your basement.

Basement finishing is one of the most common home remodeling projects in the country. When you think about it, the logic is right - by using the unfinished space available in your basement, you can increase the square footage of the house without building a completely new addition. But whether you’re planning to outsource the work to a redevelopment contractor, or are considering a project to finish your basement, keep in mind that basement remodeling Cheyenne WY requires some special consideration. Educating yourself on these specific topics is the first step to successfully rebuilding your basement!


Housing regulations, even if they vary by municipality, require two paths from the bedroom, no matter where you are in your home. Called the exit, it provides a safe exit for passengers in the event of a fire or other emergency, one of the doors being blocked. For bedrooms on the ground floor and upstairs, this second exit is easily achieved by using a window, but for bedrooms in the basement, the situation can be more difficult. Installing a window in the basement as an emergency exit can certainly be done, but it certainly requires more planning. For starters, most basement windows require a window well that covers the surrounding floors and provides access to the outside.


These numbers reflect the general exit requirements according to the IRC code, but be sure to check with your area construction inspector for specific rules in your area. Also keep in mind that window styles, such as window panes, often open in a way that obstructs part of the opening, so the minimum exit area needs to be calculated for the actual size of the opening, not just the size of the window frame.


Due to the water in the surrounding soil, there is a moisture problem in the basements. Typically, this basement area is only used for storage or a hobby store, which isn’t a big deal, but if you plan to build your basement in a residential area, you’ll need to remove the moisture first. Water can damage building materials and encourage mold growth, cause unsightly stains, weakness in the structure, and even cause health problems for your family. Depending on the level of problems with the wet floor, there are different solutions.

Minor Problems

Many minor problems can be solved by covering the cracks with flexible cracks and covering the inner walls of the foundation with waterproof paint. Dryers also help prevent moisture in the air in your basement. However, for major water-related problems, you may need to install a closed French drainage system or consider a pump. These solutions require professional installation but can work with large amounts of water and reassure you that your basement remodel will not be damaged by moisture.

Basement Remodels Cost-Effective

Rebuilding a foundation can be a very economical way to expand the square footage of your home. However, due to the underground construction, it requires some special considerations when it comes to rebuilding basements. With a little planning, neither moisture prevention nor basement exit windows will be too expensive or too frustrating, but it will make it easier to take these requirements into account when finishing your basement.


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