The Colors of High Caffeine Coffee

Even if you have a heart of darkness, the truth is, we live in a colorful world. If that’s not quite your cup of joe and you want to escape the world of rainbows and cupcakes, you’re going to need a solid support system. Luckily, it goes by the name of strong coffee.

From high caffeine coffee to your favorite morning brew, espresso shots to cappuccinos, coffee doesn’t need to bombard you with all sorts of whacky hues. Yellow, green, blue, red… yuck. All you need is a dependable shade of caffeine to get you through the day. Oh, that was supposed to be brown—not caffeine. No matter what coffee color you choose, let’s be honest: the caffeine is always the best part.

Best Overall: Black Strong Coffee

If you don’t enjoy the beauty of a straight black coffee with high caffeine, you don’t understand the true artistry it takes to create the perfect black brew. It’s like staring into a dark abyss of molten goodness. Just don’t stare for too long. Stagnant coffee can attract everything from a pesky swarm of gnats to tired dads who reheat coffee in the microwave. Big yikes.

Most Traditional: Espresso Brown

Espresso has a rich, dark brown hue. It offers an air of sophistication and timelessness, like that English chestnut table in your grandparents' dining room. They really know how to nail those wood finishes, don’t they? We stand corrected—the only enjoyable color palette exists in a coffee shop and the wood stain aisle of the hardware store.

Best Value: Watered-Down Brown

All right, “best value” doesn’t have anything to do with color, but some say that the color of watered-down coffee is actually kind of pretty to look at. However, that doesn’t quite make up for how utterly disgusting it can be for all your other senses. Plus, it’s a total insult to coffee growers, roasters and drinkers across the world.

Note: Some countries have a tradition of intentionally brewing diluted coffee. Essentially, this entire section was just a ploy to ask these people, “WTF?” If you’re the type of person who uses one tablespoon of coffee grounds for every four cups of water—seriously, WTF?

Fanciest Look: Flat White

Flat whites are basically fancy cappuccinos. Steamed milk microfoam is poured over a double shot of espresso and made into some intricate design that makes you wonder if your barista is also in art school. There is less steamed milk in a flat white than a latte, so it’s a little darker in color. That just means you get to enjoy a higher coffee-to-milk ratio. Think of a smooth, light brown or a butterscotch taffy color.

Honorable Mention: Cosmic Latte

Though it’s not a coffee drink (yet), cosmic latte is an actual color. Astronomers chose this name for the average color of the universe. If every color in the entire universe were mixed together, what color would it be? Well, latte simply means milk in Italian—that’s mildly exciting, at least. So, cosmic latte is sure to be really exciting, right? Wrong. It’s just a light shade of beige. Nearly 14 billion years in the making, and that’s what the universe has to show for itself. Beige.

Well, that was an anticlimactic end to today’s science lesson. Let’s get back to coffee.

You might argue that adding steamed milk to any cup of high caffeine coffee adds enough variety to your life. And no strong coffee aficionado will negate that. Still, you could also keep things simple and enjoy the best coffee color—black. It’s first on the list for a reason.

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