RailRestro is a platform where passengers who plan to travel on a train order food on train online and get their choice of food at their own seat. You can book food in train before your train journey with the RailRestro website, app, or through RailRestro

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Things to Know While Choosing an E-Catering Company for Food Delivery in Train
2021-08-20 22:20 BY RailRestro
It is challenging to find decent quality food while traveling by rail in India. A long train journey requires wholesome food that gives nourishment and tastes d
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10 Foods You Can Order in Train to Keep Yourself Cool This Summer
2021-07-13 00:30 BY RailRestro
As we welcome summers, we love to have cool and refreshing foods and beverages to beat the heat. It is time to let go of fatty foods and instead switch to light
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How Is Online Food Delivery in Train the Best Option for You
2021-06-17 23:59 BY RailRestro
Indian railways are among the cheapest and most convenient transportation modes, with more than 4.2 million passengers travelling every day. It is a place where
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