Things to Know While Choosing an E-Catering Company for Food Delivery in Train

It is challenging to find decent quality food while traveling by rail in India. A long train journey requires wholesome food that gives nourishment and tastes delicious. Many people carry food from home for a train journey. Getting a hot food pack for an entire day is not healthy, and it might get spoilt. Likewise, fast foods sold at the railway stations are mostly unsafe and unhygienic. The best option to avail food in trains now is to get through IRCTC authorized e-catering services.

Gone are the days when you need to see a limited menu option to order food from the pantry. In some express trains, the food cost is included in the ticket’s price. The majority of passengers now opt for online food orders in trains. Many e-catering companies are popping up like mushrooms to provide food delivery in trains. It is getting difficult for the passengers to choose the right e-catering companies for getting food on board. Here are a few things to keep in mind while ordering a meal on the train.

Important Points To Remember While Ordering Food In Train

1. Check Company Background and Reviews

Eating food is a matter of health; everybody should ensure what they are consuming is right for them or not. You can easily search to know a brief about the company. Reading the reviews of fellow passengers will also help you to choose the right food vendors. So, you might get an idea of the company, and what types of foods they are offering you in train.

2. Area of Coverage

After choosing the app or website of your preference, it is important to check the service provider's coverage area. Not all e-catering companies deliver to minor stations like Palanpur, Malda, Nihalgarh. They are provided only at the major junctions and stations like Asansol, Varanasi, and Moradabad. So it is important to know about the junctions and stations at which the e-catering company is offering their service. Most of the time, companies mention all this information on their website. You can choose at which station the food will be delivered. RailRestro covers over 450 stations and in more than 7000s of trains across India. It is still escalating its services to more railway stations.

3. Quality of food

Hygiene and cleanliness are the priority of e-catering services for delivering the food online. You cannot see what type of food they are providing beforehand. You can only see the miniature picture which has been given on the website. While reading reviews, make sure to check the reputation of the company via customers’ feedbacks. Also, at the time of delivery check, if the food is properly packed, the food containers are clean, the food packaging material is disposable. The food should not be wrapped in newspaper or any dry leaves. Make sure to check if the delivery boy is wearing gloves.

4. Time of Delivery

Timely delivery of the food is important for ensuring a comfortable journey with healthy and tasty food delivered right to the seat/berth. Almost all e-catering companies have a specific time limit for delivering the food order on the train. The faster the companies can provide, the better the passenger's experience is. The expected time of delivery is between 40 mins to 1.5 hr from the time of ordering and arrival of the train at the scheduled station. So the right time of ordering is also important for offering better service. You have to order at least 1 hr prior to the train reaching the desired station to prepare the food and deliver it at the right time.

How to Order Delicious Food in Trains Online?

The best way to order your food is to place your order via IRCTC e-catering service called ‘Food on Track.’ You can easily order from the IRCTC website or download its app from the play store. In addition to this, you can also call 1323 to place your food order. The customer care executive will take the order and complete all the formalities. Even if you are ordering for a large group of passengers (more than 15), IRCTC takes bulk food orders too. In that case, you have to order 24 hrs before the train journey. They also have customized food options for senior citizens, students or children, including veg and non-veg meals. You can also order food from e-catering food delivery apps RailRestro.

IRCTC Authorized Best Food Delivery Apps in Train

A rat race is going on between the e-catering companies to stand ahead in the market. But not all of them are good and authorized. IRCTC has partnered with some of the best e-catering platforms for providing the best quality foods to passengers. Apart from IRCTC’s own website, there are some authorized online food delivery apps like RailRestro. It is reputed and has gained the trust of passengers by delivering outstanding services even during the peak COVID pandemic and lockdown.

Why Choose RailRestro for Online Food Order In Train?

Among the others, RailRestro is the best food aggregator in the market. It is also an IRCTC approved e-catering provider that has tied up with only FSSAI-authorized restaurants. For tasty, fresh & hygienic food from trusted restaurants with contactless delivery on the train, RailRestro is doing a great job and earning the trust of more passengers with each delivery.

No need to worry whether you are traveling by train with a pantry coach or in a non-pantry train; RailRestro is there to help you out and fetish your hunger. It has partnered with 2000+ restaurants across India. Now there is no need to rely on the stale foods available at stations and vendors. With the RailRestro, you have a variety of options to choose from. Pick the lip-smacking foods for you and your friends while traveling by train. The varieties of food options with RailRestro includes: (Indian cuisines, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai, French, Rajasthani and many more).

Ways to Order Food Online via RailRestro

  1. 1. Go to the official RailRestro website (to place an order, just enter the 10 digit PNR number or train number.
  2. 2. Download and install the app: RailRestro and,
  3. 3. Contact on toll-free number: 8102202203.

With so many advantages of getting food from e-catering services, you can have an enjoyable train journey without worrying about your meal on the train. Start ordering food from your favorite e-catering service providers now and make your boring train journey more exciting!


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