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Get to know Bitcoin
2017-08-31 08:20 BY Sunnyday
 What is Bitcoin?Bitcoin is a new currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Transactio..
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Six Chinese faces to delight 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion show
2017-08-31 08:09 BY Sunnyday
The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will take place in Shanghai in November this year, marking the first time that the ultra-gla..
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Rio, amazing closing ceremony of Olympic Games!
2016-08-23 20:13 BY Sunnyday
It is not expensive one, but is amazing closing ceremony of Olympic Games in history. Although it is carrying though in raining, still shows..
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Speedo three other sponsors drop Ryan Lochte
2016-08-22 20:12 BY Sunnyday
Speedo was the first, announcing early Monday it dropped its sponsorship of embattled U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte. By the end of the day, three..
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3 reasons the presidential race is close in Ohio
2016-08-21 18:33 BY Sunnyday
CINCINNATI — Despite what you've heard about the presidential race, it's still close in Ohio.The last two weeks have seen a flood of..
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China wins women's volleyball gold after 12 years
2016-08-21 07:03 BY Sunnyday
China beat Serbia to win its third women's volleyball gold medal in Olympic Games on Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, 12 years after the team..
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Ancient paintings depict Chinese forerunners of Olympic sports
2016-08-20 05:18 BY Sunnyday
The Olympics originated from ancient Greece, and many different sports are covered.Ho..
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US voters skeptical about either Trump or Clinton presidency
2016-08-19 04:53 BY Sunnyday
Confidence in either US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump or his Democratic counterpart Hillary Clinton being a good president co..
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How far are we from augmented reality?
2016-08-16 08:38 BY Sunnyday
Augmented reality (AR) has caught the eyeball again as the AR game Pokémon ..
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Scientists say coffee can help heal heart, literally
2016-08-16 08:26 BY Sunnyday
Finding yourself short of an excuse to ask someone out forcoffee? Scientists at&..
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Beijing court accepts divorce filing by famous Chinese actor
2016-08-16 08:21 BY Sunnyday
Actor Wang Baoqiang, known for his roles in comedy films, filed for divorce ..
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China cuts U.S. treasuries holding in June
2016-08-16 08:17 BY Sunnyday
China, the top buyer of U.S. Treasury securities, cut its holding in June, the latest data from the U.S. Treasury Department showed on Monda..
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World's thinnest drone launched in China
2016-08-16 08:06 BY Sunnyday
The world's thinnest drone that can fit into a pocket will land in the market in October. The drone named Langlong Nano weighs 75 grams ..
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Over half of Chinese under-6-month babies breastfed
2016-08-16 06:37 BY Sunnyday
Over 50 percent of Chinese babies aged under six months are purely breastfed, according to a National Health and Family Planning Commission ..
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Apple focused on long-term in China: Cook
2016-08-16 06:29 BY Sunnyday
Software giant Apple invited developers from domestic internet companies to meet its&..
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