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Balance Sheet
2019-10-30 19:13 BY
Balance Sheet The balance sheet is a vital financial statement in accounting. The significance of this financial statement is that it displays the financial
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The Life of a Student-athlete
2019-04-10 15:46 BY
Student-athletes are students in college who also play competitive sports for their college or university. A student-athlete’s life is hectic and full of chal
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Recognize Revenue
2019-04-10 15:34 BY
Recognizing revenue is an important part in accounting. The revenue gets recognized once the company provides the service for their customer. There are five m
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Money, Money, Money.....Fraud
2019-03-25 23:09 BY
Everyone loves money. Money is sometimes the only reason why people go to work. Money not only provides for ourselves, it also provides for everyone. Money is
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