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10 Recession-Proof Entrepreneurial Ideas
2020-10-29 00:15 BY
If you are interested in commencing a new career or setting up your own business, it is normal to find yourself concerned about declining profits during the tim
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What You Need to Know About the Tax Treatment for VCCs in SG
2020-10-28 22:49 BY
A VCC is a new Singapore investment vehiclethat has been assigned its own legal structure and corporate entity. In essence, it allows investors to hold funds wi
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Why You Should Protect Your Data Online
2020-10-21 22:10 BY
Why should organisations understand the importance of most valuable commodityon the planet, surpassing oil. It will come as little surprise then, that breaching
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Singapore-The Digital Hub of Asia
2020-10-13 03:24 BY
Singapore’s vision is to be the Digital Capital of Asia. How will the city-state achieve this? We find out in this infographic – discover what Smart Nation is a
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Why You Should Become Familiar with Transfer Pricing Documentation in Singapore
2020-10-06 19:59 BY
Guidance on Transfer Pricing DocumentationThe routine Transfer Pricing Documentation (‘TPD’) compliance required to be done at the end of the financial year is
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How Does Transfer Pricing Works in Singapore
2020-10-01 08:01 BY
Mandatory ‘Section 34F Transfer Pricing Documentation’ applicable from Year of Assessment (YA) 2019 based on certain conditions. Penalty introduced for non-comp
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Singapore Introduces New Transfer Pricing Guidelines
2020-09-24 23:45 BY
Transfer Pricing risk is the most significant risk for the CFOs/CEOs/Finance Directors. With the advent of Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (‘BEPS’), transparen
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Guide to Transfer Pricing in Commodity Trading in Singapore
2020-09-18 01:35 BY
Transfer Pricing Guidelines in Commodity Trading by IRASThe Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (‘IRAS’) released the first edition of the Transfer Pricing Gu
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Why Sustainability Reporting is Vital for Businesses in Singapore
2020-09-23 06:08 BY
Why is Sustainability Reporting importantThe value of sustainability reporting is that it ensures organizations consider their impacts on sustainability issues,
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Information about CorpPass Registration in Singapore
2020-09-09 18:46 BY
Singapore Corporate Access, otherwise known as CorpPass, will be the only login method for businesses to transact with the Government online from September 1, 2
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Kinds of Insurance That a Singapore Business Needs
2020-09-03 19:50 BY
Setting up a business carries with it a certain amount of risk. At any given moment, unforeseen circumstances or risks might arise; hence, the importance of tak
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Singapore Government Extends More Support For Businesses and Employees
2020-08-25 00:35 BY
Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat, who is also the country’s Finance Minister for Finance, delivered a Ministerial Statement on August 17, detail
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Why Singapore is the Best Country to Set Up Family Office
2020-08-13 00:40 BY
Why Hong Kong’s High Net Worth Individuals are Shifting their Wealth to SingaporeTraditionally, Singapore and Hong Kong, the leading financial hubs in Asia, hav
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Why Singapore Is the Best Shelter for Hong Kong Companies
2020-08-06 04:59 BY
Why Singapore is the Next Best Location for Hong Kong CompaniesTo say that Singapore is the only serious alternative to Hong Kong may seem presumptuous, however
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Migrate Your Hong Kong Company to Singapore Now
2020-08-04 01:47 BY
In light of the continuous political unrest since 2019 which has now led to raging protests, Hong Kong has lost its title of ‘World’s Freest Economy’.With the s
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