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Martin Luther King, Jr.
2020-01-17 06:32 BY salazaralexanicole
With MLK day approaching, a short blog post dedicated to him, ABOUT HIM, is in order.His most famous speech,“I Have a Dream”,which was delivered on August 28, 1
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5 Questions to ask before you finalize your Immigration Lawyer
2019-12-12 02:19 BY Santamaria Law Firm PC
5 Questions to ask before you finalize your Immigration LawyerAs we all are aware of the fact that Trump’s administration has certainly extended and unsettling
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The Sad Reality of Shootings in the United States
2019-12-02 17:38 BY Mariantonia Negron
The second amendment to the US Constitution was ratified in 1791, when most citizens would have muskets which would have a reload rate of 3 bullets per minute..
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President Of United Kingdom
2019-11-30 13:43 BY Dal777
President Of United Kingdom Yawo D'almeida Rules 19 Years, His Duties Are Order War By UK Parliament Pay Money By Bank Of England.
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President Of Togo Yawo D'almeida
2019-11-30 13:41 BY Dal777
President Of Togo Yawo D'almeida Rules 19 Years, His Duties Are Order War By Togo National Assembly Pay Money By BCEAO.
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Yet ANOTHER Veteran's Day
2019-11-11 11:14 BY Michael Chen
Veteran’s day is another poor excuse for some companies and most schools to take the day off. And for what? Do children and adults even acknowledge this day?
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The Importance of International Relations in the Context of History
2019-10-21 01:00 BY katefox
The international relations have become more important in today’s world. This is because sectors which were not regarded as international sectors, such as busin
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Should We Raise the Minimum Wage?
2019-10-18 11:43 BY Mariantonia Negron
Many economists have reached an agreement when it comes to raising the minimum wage: it diminishes poverty. Unfortun
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A Brief History of Immigration in the United States
2019-10-14 11:27 BY Mariantonia Negron
Since today is Columbus Day/Indigenous People's Day, I have decided to provide a brief history of immigration and it's implications in the United States:
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NAFTA: Sunshine and Rainbows, or Pain and Despair for All Involved?
2019-10-09 12:24 BY Mariantonia Negron
where Canadian Lumber claimed that the US was in breach of contract when customs agents applied the Byrd Amendment to the Tariff Act to Canadian goods upo
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The Effects of Cocaine in Pablo Escobar's Colombia
2019-10-02 14:19 BY Mariantonia Negron
Before Escobar’s Medellin Cartel took power, cocaine was not the drug of choice. Marijuana was the drug of choice for most of th
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Hurricane Dorian
2019-09-09 12:02 BY Candace Ko
Hurricane Dorian has recently swept through the Bahamas, leaving almost nothing but damage in its way. Deemed as a Category 5 Hurricane, according to the Saffir
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Food was the Cause of the Fall of the Roman Empire
2019-09-05 09:13 BY Michael Chen
What if I told you guys that the fall of the Roman Empire,didn't necessarily result from the invasion of barbarians and the eventual split of the empire into th
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When does it end?
2019-08-20 22:13 BY tudouni
It happens again and again, when does it end?
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Sehar News – National International Latest News & Updates
2019-08-06 10:51 BY taitanium2
Read Latest Pakistan News in Seharnews.pkSehar newsis the first of its kind of trendsetting venture existent inPakistan.It is without precedent for the historic
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urdu news
2019-08-06 08:11 BY taitanium2
Sehar newsis the first of its kind of trendsetting venture existent inPakistan.It is without precedent for the historical backdrop of this country that an enorm
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Sehar News - National International Latest News & Updates
2019-08-02 09:20 BY taitanium2
Sehar News – National International Latest News...Sehar News is a wide area that envelops Pakistan News, International News, Sports News, Arts and Entertainment
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Malaysian 370 Disappearance
2019-07-16 14:29 BY Michael Chen
The Malaysian Airline 370 was the airplane which disappeared on March 8, 2014. What makes this disappearance so interesting is that the remn...
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Fox and CCTV Anchors to Debate Amid Trade War Tensions
2019-05-25 22:02 BY tudouni
Chinese State propaganda service CGTN (the international arm of broadcaster CCTV) is looking to take on American quasi-State propaganda service Fox Business (a
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Trump pushes down China's stock market. Netizen's words: buy Twitter to close his account
2019-05-07 11:30 BY The beginning of the knowledge
US President Trump (5th) issued a message on Twitter. As the US-China trade consultation progressed less than expected, punitive tariffs will be imposed on Frid
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