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Flag of Croatia
2021-06-08 06:05 BY
Croatia was under Hungarian guidelines during the nineteenth century, yet Croatian nationalists endeavored to revolt in 1848, at which time they picked a flag t
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Flag of Austria
2021-05-28 05:27 BY
The emblem of Austria, a red safeguard with a white horizontal focal stripe, is ascribed to Duke Leopold V in the late twelfth century, Flag of Austria. Rumors
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Flag of Mongolia
2021-05-17 02:26 BY
Historically, blue has been associated with the Mongolian individuals as a symbol of the open skies under which they went all through Central Asia. Mongolia lik
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Flag of Tajikistan
2021-05-03 03:17 BY
After World War II the part republics of the Soviet Union adjusted their banners to acquire stripes of public tones. Tajikistan was the remainder of the 15 to a
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Flag of Philippines
2021-04-16 05:27 BY
The 1898 topple of Spanish authority by the United States persuaded that their nation's independence, broadcasted on June 12, 1898, was ensured. A public flag v
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HISTORY of Flag of Jordan
2021-03-18 05:23 BY
From Antiquity to ModernityJordan is a land saturated with history. It has been home to a portion of humankind's most punctual settlements and towns, and relics
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Flag of Iran
2021-03-10 05:50 BY
Flag of IranThe flag of Iran is a symbol of the country’s sovereignty and religion. It was officially adopted on July 29, 1980, under the rule of Mohammad Reza
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