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Autonomous driving race heating up, nations joining the fray
2016-08-21 17:50 BY tudouni
Autonomous driving is making significant headway in the automobile industry, where multiple players, such as traditional automakers, parts m..
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Stanford researchers combine satellite data, machine learning to map poverty
2016-08-21 17:41 BY tudouni
Researchers with Stanford University have used machine learning to extract information about poverty from satellite imagery of areas where s..
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Snapshots of virtual reality with Nokia camera
2016-08-20 07:31 BY tudouni
Nokia Technologies launched its state-of-the-art virtual reality camera called OZOin the Chinese market as a springboard for the Finnish tec..
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How far are we from augmented reality?
2016-08-16 08:38 BY Sunnyday
Augmented reality (AR) has caught the eyeball again as the AR game Pokémon ..
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World's thinnest drone launched in China
2016-08-16 08:06 BY Sunnyday
The world's thinnest drone that can fit into a pocket will land in the market in October. The drone named Langlong Nano weighs 75 grams ..
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Apple focused on long-term in China: Cook
2016-08-16 06:29 BY Sunnyday
Software giant Apple invited developers from domestic internet companies to meet its&..
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Technology to Keep Users and Android Apps Safe
2016-08-16 00:51 BY appsmarche
Online Appsmarket applications are planned to be alright for use, securing clients' protection. Be that as it may, a number of them are ..
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Impact of Technology on Learning
2016-07-21 21:51 BY kateyeng
Technology is an essential tool in the development of learning for students and teaching for instructors. Advancements in technology are rap..
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Essay on Project of Air Transport
2016-07-01 22:35 BY avasmith
IntroductionThe air transport or the aviation industry boasts to be the only global transportation network with a reach to almost all the co..
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Secret to Grow Your Business in Small Investment
2016-06-25 00:36 BY appsbazar
As we run over the boundless competencies of the smartphones that carry on to invest logically more energy in our grasp than our pockets, it..
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Advantages of Database Management Systems
2016-06-14 21:32 BY Programming Assignment Help
Relational Model Concepts:We shall represent a relation as a table with columns and rows. Each column of the table has a name, or attribute...
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