3M-51 Alfa


P-900A 3M51 Alfa AFM-L
TypeCruise missile
Air-launched cruise missile
Anti-ship missile
Submarine-launched cruise missile
Land-attack missile
Surface-to-surface missile
Place of originRussia
Service history
In serviceproject, experimental
Used byRussian Navy
Production history
DesignerOKB-52/NPO Mashinostroyeniya Chelomey
ManufacturerNPO Mashinostroyeniya,[2] NPO Novator[citation needed]
Produceddeveloped into 3M54[2]
Mass2,600 kg (5,730 lb.) ship, submarine and coastal variants; 1,600 kg. (3,527 lb.) air-launched variant[2]
Length8.0 m[2]
Warhead300 kg (661 lb)[2]

EngineTurbojet and rocket[2]
PropellantLiquid, solid
250 km[2]
Maximum speed Cruise subsonic, Attack Mach 2.5 - 700 m/s[2]
Active Radar[2]
Standard transport launching container (TLC) for all non-air launched variants[1]

The P-900 Alfa (or also P-900A Alfa) П-900 3М51 Альфа Alfa AFM-L, GRAU designation 3M51, is an anti-ship missile (with LACM capabilities) developed from SS-N-30 (3M14), P-800 Oniks and P-700 Granit.

The missile has a Granit type engine. It can be operated on new Yasen-class submarine, and can be loaded on ships.[citation needed] Coastal versions of the anti-ship missile are under development.[1] The missile is developed at NPO Mashinostroyeniya.[1]

3M-51 Alfa is also designated as Novator KTRV, Morinform Agat, 3M54, 3M54E and P-900 types.[citation needed]

The new cruise missile was designed for use in the Russian Navy.[1] Modernization of Kirov-class battlecruiser, other new battlecruisers, destroyers and cruisers may include 3M-51 Alfa that can be refitted on ships with existing Zircon, Grom Meteorit, GELA, P1200 Bolid or P-1000 Vulkan missile launchers.[citation needed]

Despite a secrecy surrounding the new missile, it can be presumed that it holds promise as an exportable weapons system.[1]

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