Dodecagonal prism


Uniform dodecagonal prism
Dodecagonal prism.png
Type Prismatic uniform polyhedron
Elements F = 14, E = 36, V = 24 (χ = 2)
Faces by sides 12{4}+2{12}
Schläfli symbol t{2,12} or {12}×{}
Wythoff symbol 2 12 | 2
2 2 6 |
Coxeter diagrams CDel node 1.pngCDel 2.pngCDel node 1.pngCDel 12.pngCDel node.png
CDel node 1.pngCDel 2.pngCDel node 1.pngCDel 6.pngCDel node 1.png
CDel node 1.pngCDel 2.pngCDel node h.pngCDel 12.pngCDel node h.png
CDel node h.pngCDel 2x.pngCDel node h.pngCDel 12.pngCDel node 1.png
Symmetry D12h, [12,2], (*12.2.2), order 48
Rotation group D12, [12,2]+, (12.2.2), order 24
References U76(j)
Dual Dodecagonal dipyramid
Properties convex, zonohedron
Dodecagonal prism vf.png
Vertex figure

In geometry, the dodecagonal prism is the tenth in an infinite set of prisms, formed by square sides and two regular dodecagon caps.

If faces are all regular, it is a uniform polyhedron.


It is used in the construction of two prismatic uniform honeycombs:

Omnitruncated triangular-hexagonal prismatic honeycomb
Truncated hexagonal prismatic honeycomb

The new British one pound (£1) coin, which entered circulation in March 2017, is shaped like a dodecagonal prism.[1]

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Vertex config. 2.4.4 3.4.4 4.4.4 5.4.4 6.4.4 7.4.4 8.4.4 9.4.4 10.4.4 11.4.4 12.4.4 ... ∞.4.4
Coxeter diagram                                                                   ...      


  1. ^ "New 12-sided pound coin to enter circulation in March". BBC News. 2017-01-01. Retrieved 2017-04-20.

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