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This is a list of United States Navy amphibious warfare ships. This type of ship has been in use with the US Navy since World War I. Ship status is indicated as either currently active [A], inactive [I], or precommissioning [P]. Ships in the inactive category include all that have been decommissioned. Ships in the precommissioning category include ships under construction or on order.

Amphibious Assault Ship (General Purpose) (LHA)

America class

Tarawa class

Amphibious Assault Ship (Multi-Purpose) (LHD)

Wasp class

Amphibious Cargo Ship (LKA)

Amphibious Command Ship (LCC)

Adirondack-class command ship
Blue Ridge-class command ship
Mount McKinley-class command ship

Amphibious Force Flagship (AGC)

Adirondack-class command ship
Appalachian-class command ship
Mount McKinley-class command ship
Stand-alone Coast Guard cutter conversion
Stand-alone gunboat conversion

Amphibious Transport (LPA)

Amphibious Transport, Small (LPR)

Attack Cargo Ship (AKA)

Attack Transport (APA)

(Classes marked with also include Troop Transports (AP))

Arthur Middleton-class


Crescent City-class


Edward Rutledge-class

Frederick Funston class



Harry Lee-class


(* cancelled in 1945)

Heywood-class †

Joseph Hewes-class

John Penn-class



Paul Revere-class

President Jackson-class †



Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF)


Expeditionary Transfer Dock (ESD)

Montford Point class

Lewis B. Puller class

High-speed Transport (APD)

High-speed Transport (APD) is not to be confused with hull code "HST", also for "High Speed Transport", currently assigned only to experimental high-speed catamaran designs, and high-speed catamarans chartered from private ferry companies.

Inshore Fire Support Ship (LFR)

Landing Craft Infantry (LCI)

The United States Navy built 932 Landing Craft Infantry ships in World War II. A list can be found here.

Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM)

The United States Navy built 11,144 landing craft Motorized, designated "Landing Craft Mechanized" or "LCM", in World War II.[1]

Landing Craft Support (Large) (Mark 3), a.k.a. LCS(L)(3)

  • USS LCS(L)(3)-1 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-2 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-3 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-4 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-5 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-6 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-7 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-8 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-9 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-10 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-11 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-12 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-13 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-14 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-15 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-16 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-17 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-18 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-19 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-20 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-21 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-22 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-23 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-24 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-25 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-26 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-27 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-28 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-29 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-30 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-31 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-32 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-33 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-34 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-35 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-36 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-37 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-38 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-39 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-40 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-41 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-42 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-43 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-44 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-45 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-46 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-47 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-48 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-49 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-50 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-51 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-52 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-53 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-54 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-55 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-56 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-57 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-58 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-59 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-60 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-61 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-62 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-63 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-64 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-65 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-66 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-67 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-68 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-69 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-70 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-71 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-72 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-73 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-74 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-75 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-76 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-77 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-78 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-79 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-80 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-81 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-82 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-83 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-84 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-85 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-86 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-87 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-88 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-89 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-90 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-91 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-92 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-93 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-94 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-95 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-96 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-97 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-98 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-99 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-100 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-101 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-102 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-103 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-104 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-105 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-106 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-107 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-108 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-109 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-111 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-112 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-113 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-114 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-115 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-116 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-117 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-118 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-119 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-120 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-121 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-122 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-123 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-124 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-125 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-126 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-127 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-128 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-129 [I]
  • USS LCS(L)(3)-130 [I]

Landing Platform Dock (LPD)

Austin class

Raleigh class

San Antonio class

Landing Platform Helicopter (LPH)

Iwo Jima class

The following ships are converted aircraft carriers that were numbered along with the Iwo Jima-class, though they are not a part of that class. These ships are older aircraft carrier types that did not or could not be upgraded to support increasingly larger and heavier aircraft

Landing Ship Dock (LSD)

Anchorage class

Ashland class

Casa Grande class

Harpers Ferry class

Thomaston class

Whidbey Island class

Landing Ship Medium (LSM)

Towards the end of World War II the United States Navy built 558 Landing Ship Medium (LSM) type vessels across three classes.

Landing Ship, Tank (LST)

The United States Navy built nearly 1,200 tank landing ships, classified as "Landing Ship, Tank" or "LST", from the World War II-era up through the early 1970s.[2]

Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)

Freedom class

Independence class

Self-Propelled Barracks Ship (APB)

Non Self-Propelled Barracks Ship (APL)

Vehicle Landing Ship (LSV)


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