Shuvalov (Russian: Шува́лов) is the name of a Russian noble family, which was documented since the 16th century. The Shuvalov family rose to distinction during the reign of Empress Elizabeth and was elevated to the rank of count on 5 September 1746.

Coat of arms of the Shuvalov family
Portrait of Countess Catherine P. Shuvalova by Greuze, 1770s
Countess Elizabeth Andreevna Shuvalova (1845–1924)

Notable family membersEdit

Other people with the Shuvalov nameEdit

  • Eduard Shuvalov (born 1965), Siberian oil developer
  • Igor Shuvalov (born 1967), First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia
  • Sergei Shuvalov (1951—2021), Russian politician
  • Vadim Shuvalov (born 1958), Russian politician


The Shuvalov family's residences included three palaces in Saint Petersburg and a manor nearby:

Through marriage, the Shuvalovs also acquired property in Courland, including Rundale Palace, which was originally built for Ernst Johann von Biron.


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