Timeline of Mars 2020


Self-portrait of Mars 2020 containing Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter located at the Ingenuity helicopter drop site (7 April 2021)
Perseverance rover on Mars (artist; 18 February 2021)

The Mars 2020 mission and its rover, Perseverance, and helicopter Ingenuity, were launched from Earth on 30 July 2020. As of April 17, 2021, Perseverance has been on the planet Mars for 56 sols (58 total days; 58 days) since landing on 18 February 2021. Current weather data on Mars is being gathered by the Curiosity rover and the Insight lander.[1][2] The Perseverance rover will also collect weather data. (See External links)


Prelaunch (2012–2020)

  • 4 December 2012: Mars 2020 mission announced by NASA
  • 8–10 February 2017: Workshop held to discuss eight proposed landing sites for the mission. The three sites chosen were Jezero crater, Northeastern Syrtis Major Planum, and Columbia Hills.

Launch (2020)

  • 30 July: Atlas V rocket launched from Cape Canaveral

Landing (2021)

  • 18 February: Landing in Jezero crater on Mars
  • 4 March: Perseverance rover's first test drive.
  • 5 March: NASA named the Perseverance rover landing site "Octavia E. Butler Landing".[3]
  • 8 April: NASA reported the first MEDA weather report on Mars: for 3-4 April 2021, the high was "minus-7.6 degrees, and a low of minus-117.4 degrees ... [winds] gusting to ... 22 mph".[4]
Perseverance's First Test Drive (4 March 2021)
Rover's first wheel tracks
Rover's first test drive (animation-gif)
Rocket scour and tracks

Location (2021)


Mars - Perseverance rover - Landing Site Panoramic View (18 February 2021)
Mars - Perseverance rover - EDL Overview (18 February 2021)


Mars 2020 in Jezero crater on Mars — self-portraits
Ingenuity helicopter drop site
(April 2021)



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Perseverance rover on Mars

Ingenuity helicopter on Mars [a]

Ingenuity deployment and pre-flight operations on Mars





Wide images

Panorama from Perseverance's landing site (21 February 2021)
Panorama from Perseverance's landing site (ultra-high-rez; 22 February 2021)
Acheron FossaeAcidalia PlanitiaAlba MonsAmazonis PlanitiaAonia PlanitiaArabia TerraArcadia PlanitiaArgentea PlanumArgyre PlanitiaChryse PlanitiaClaritas FossaeCydonia MensaeDaedalia PlanumElysium MonsElysium PlanitiaGale craterHadriaca PateraHellas MontesHellas PlanitiaHesperia PlanumHolden craterIcaria PlanumIsidis PlanitiaJezero craterLomonosov craterLucus PlanumLycus SulciLyot craterLunae PlanumMalea PlanumMaraldi craterMareotis FossaeMareotis TempeMargaritifer TerraMie craterMilankovič craterNepenthes MensaeNereidum MontesNilosyrtis MensaeNoachis TerraOlympica FossaeOlympus MonsPlanum AustralePromethei TerraProtonilus MensaeSirenumSisyphi PlanumSolis PlanumSyria PlanumTantalus FossaeTempe TerraTerra CimmeriaTerra SabaeaTerra SirenumTharsis MontesTractus CatenaTyrrhen TerraUlysses PateraUranius PateraUtopia PlanitiaValles MarinerisVastitas BorealisXanthe TerraMap of Mars
The image above contains clickable linksInteractive image map of the global topography of Mars, overlain with locations of Mars landers and rovers. Hover your mouse over the image to see the names of over 60 prominent geographic features, and click to link to them. Coloring of the base map indicates relative elevations, based on data from the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter on NASA's Mars Global Surveyor. Whites and browns indicate the highest elevations (+12 to +8 km); followed by pinks and reds (+8 to +3 km); yellow is 0 km; greens and blues are lower elevations (down to −8 km). Axes are latitude and longitude; Polar regions are noted.
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  2. ^ On clearly seeing you can see Ingenuity legs on both sides of the image along with wheels in top corners in this image.


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