Money's Value

How we spend our money and what we need money for as well as how much income we need to live our version of the ideal lifestyle are all things we generally think about. Many people are trying to be rich and be considered part of the "1%" but their values and ideas of financial freedom are wrong. People are trying to be millionaires but the income needed to be considered in the 1% category is actually 400,000. To achieve that, cut back on dumb materialistic stuff and invest in yourself or assets to achieve what you want. Trust me, Im not saying it's easy. However is a $4.00 cup of coffee at Starbucks really gonna bring you value? Or buying Gucci when In your debt? these are all things that people do but yet talk about being rich and are really never able to get there. 

Some of the following steps listed are those that may put you on the path to your ideal lifestyle:

1. Get out of debt ( School debt or any kind of debt big and small. Make a spread sheet to plan it out)

2. Cut back on things you can live without, I.E. Starbucks. Eating out every night, Netflix.

3. Educate yourself on finance 

4. Start investing or start a side hustle that will eventually produce income for you. 


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