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LA's Rising Stars Part 1 (Rucci)
2019-09-06 01:02 BY Oliver Mann
Los Angeles is a melting pot with so many new rappers coming out of LA In Recent years. From rappers like Drakeo the Ruler, O3 Greedo, 1TakeJay, and Shorline Ma
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What Is Fantasy Football and Why You Should Play!!!
2019-09-05 23:11 BY Oliver Mann
American Football a sport that is very exciting, rough and for some a religion. There are many people that love football. They watch every game and are very pas
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Mind Hunter
2019-08-18 20:38 BY Oliver Mann
Mind Hunter a Netflix original is about the FBI interviewing serial killers and evaluating there lives to better understand why these people did what they did a
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Why the UFC is amazing!
2019-08-18 17:48 BY Oliver Mann
Have you ever wanted to knock someone out? well your not alone in fact, there is a whole sport solely dedicated to destroying your opponent by knocking him out.
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Chicago's Rising Stars Part 4 (FBG Duck)
2019-08-04 23:23 BY Oliver Mann
FBG Duck, a rapper who is notorious in the windy city for beefing with people like Chief Keef and most recently King Von. He’s also known for releasing hits lik
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How Netflix has fallen
2019-08-04 23:03 BY Oliver Mann
Personally I have used Netflix for a very long time. Their content has seemed to decrease in quality due to the fact that making original content seems to be th
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Money's Value
2019-08-04 17:26 BY Oliver Mann
How we spend our money and what we need money for as well as how much income we need to live our version of the ideal lifestyle are all things we generally thin
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Chicago's Rising Stars Part 3 (Calboy)
2019-07-28 19:41 BY Oliver Mann
Aka 147 Calboy, is a rapper from Chicago’s South Side who has a melodic rap flow and is often compared to Lil Durk in terms of style. Calboy has been rapping si
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Chicago's Rising Stars Part 2 (Polo G)
2019-07-28 19:39 BY Oliver Mann
With his mellifluous music style and swag Polo G is definitely Chicago’s number 1 rising star. The 20 year old Chicago native grew up on Chicago’s North Side, n
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Chicago's Rising Stars Part 1 (King Von)
2019-07-28 19:23 BY Oliver Mann
The simple way to explain King Von would be that he’s an emerging Chicago drill artist. However, that’s definitely not the case. King Von was just recently rele
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Thinking Long Term and the ROI
2019-07-21 22:51 BY Oliver Mann
All of us have goals.There are 3 benefits that make Long term thinking the best mindset.Those 3 Benefits are as follows:1. Future Goals2. Self Awareness3. Happi
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How to make a 100,000 Dollars a Year
2019-07-21 17:10 BY Oliver Mann
100,000 a year! A number that many strive to reach financially but are unable to reach it through traditional means i.e. work and playing the lottery. However,
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Louisiana’s 5 Rising Stars Part 1
2019-07-16 19:18 BY Oliver Mann
Well I just need to address the fact that ranking rappers from Louisiana is beyond difficult. I say this due to the amount of rappers throughout Louisiana that
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