How to Get in Shape at Home with a Power Tower Home Gym

Choosing the right power tower for your home gym doesn't have to be a big challenge. There are lots of resources on the web to help you make the right decision when buying the right power tower for you and your home gym.

But for today, here are some quick power towers that will help you get in shape in the comfort of your own home.

The Conquer Power Tower Home Gym delivers everything you need for an intense cardio workout in one convenient location. The Conquer Power Tower Home Gym comes equipped with an assortment of weight resistance equipment and free weights that can be used for a variety of exercises. The gym has multiple stations with varying levels of resistance. You can do everything from weights, to aerobics, to bodybuilding to flexibility. You can do it all indoors or out.

Aerobic: The body weight resistance equipment included with the Power Tower Home Gym includes an assortment of resistance equipment that works multiple muscle groups for total body workout. The resistance equipment includes the Power Rack with Power Blocking Bar, Power Squat/DL, Power Overhead Squat/ DL, Power Overhead Chin-Up Bar, Power Chunking Pull ups, and Power Chin-ups. The chin-up bar allows you to perform multiple double bends. The power rack exercises many muscles at once and does so using heavy weight with great resistance. These exercises build up the entire body for an intense cardio workout.

Weight Lifting: The body champ power tower home gym includes a complete weight set that features an adjustable medicine ball for all types of weight lifts, power rack and squat bars, an angled frame along with parallel bars, chalk board and resistance tubing, adjustable leg bars and leg extension bars. You can perform wide and narrow stances for wide and narrow legs respectively. You can also perform close-grip and wide grip pulls. You can do front squats, hack squats, bent-over rows, bent over flies, hanging knee raises, and a lot more. This equipment also features a variety of ankle and foot exerciser which allow you to stretch your entire body.

Chin-Up Bar: The power tower home gym has two exercise benches which are manufactured by Power Block. These are anodized aluminum which are great to use for pull-ups. The anodized aluminum is made from a powder-coated finish that will not scratch, dent or scuff. They also have recessed channels along the top of each bench that provide for width placement for chin-ups as well as for weight distribution and stability. There are rubberized handles on these benches that make it easier to perform push-ups and pull-ups. The anodized aluminum can support body weight up to 400 lbs.

Power Squat & DL Dumbbells: The power tower home gym also features two adjustable plyo boxes that allow you to do free squats and dead lifts. These adjustable plyo boxes feature rubberized handles that make it easier to pull-up with them. The anodized aluminum covers have recessed channels along the top of each bench which provide for width placement for free squats and deadlifts. The lightweight non-slip surface on these handles also makes it easy to perform leg extensions and reverse crunches. The total weight limit for these two exercises is 300 pounds.

Power Tower Dumbbells: The dumbbells in this set are relatively larger than some of the other dumbbell sets which helps minimize hand fatigue after long, hard workouts. Each pair has an 18" adjustable height handle that is very comfortable. The metal handles on these dumbbells are precision-ground and will give you the kind of accuracy that you need to have while training. The metal plates used for these dumbbells have a thick bronze handles, which will give you the strength to lift much heavier weights. The Power Tower hand grips are also made of durable rubber for added gripping power. The hand grips have recessed channels to keep your hands stable during your workouts.


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