3 Healthy Options to Order From Teriyaki Restaurants

Ordering teriyaki chicken, beef, or shrimp is an exciting way to mix-up your meals throughout the week. It’s a takeout or delivery option that you can enjoy on a lunch break or after work with your family and friends. When you place an order for a teriyaki bowl, plate, or lunch special, you and your family have the opportunity to customize your order. Customization is a great way to eat healthy foods and filling ingredients that keep your bellies happy and satisfied. To ensure any grumbling tummies get answered by nutritious foods, fill your bowl or plate with the healthiest teriyaki franchise menu items.

Always Order Veggies

A balanced meal always includes a healthy side of veggies. Ordering a teriyaki bowl or plate guarantees that you’re offered vegetables because the nutritious side is included with your meal. If you’re not so big on vegetables, you do have the option to order your meal without them. However, the steamed vegetables you can get with your teriyaki meal are the perfect complement to steamed white rice and flavorful sauces. Plus, this is a side that will help fill hungry bellies. The steamed vegetables in your meal may include a combination of perfected steamed cabbage, carrots, and broccoli—tender yet crisp and packed full of veggie-licious flavor!

Don’t Forget Your Protein

Teriyaki franchises such as Happy Teriyaki have a massive menu with a ton of tasty protein options. You can get a traditional chicken teriyaki bowl or customize your meal to your preference with grilled shrimp, beef, or pork teriyaki bowls or plates. When you diversify your diet and incorporate an assortment of different proteins, you never get bored of your food. The best teriyaki franchise opportunities can expand your idea of a healthy meal as you work your way through their menu. There are even options for vegetarians like tofu or an extra serving of veggies.

Fresh Is Best

When a teriyaki restaurant serves fresh vegetables, grains, and meat, it can indicate their dedication to healthier ingredients. The best teriyaki restaurants will offer you a super-hot meal. You might have to wait for it to cool down even when it’s delivered to your home. Fresh teriyaki doesn’t sit under a heat lamp or go into a microwave. After you call the restaurant, order online, or place your order at a dine-in location, your meal is made-to-order. If you want to order fresh teriyaki, find out which teriyaki restaurants use first-generation recipes. They take pride in the quality of their food and provide you with a real, fresh teriyaki experience.

Teriyaki takeout and delivery restaurants fill your belly with food that’s healthier than you used to think. The best restaurants build their menus using good recipes. These recipes may come from different areas of the globe—even when they’re inspired by Japanese-style teriyaki. First-generation Korean recipes for teriyaki meals allow you to eat fresh and healthy ingredients with a delicious and unique teriyaki sauce. With all of their steamed veggies and grains, as well as various protein options, you may discover that your local, fast-casual teriyaki franchise will become your go-to for fresh and healthy meals.

About Happy Teriyaki

Happy Teriyaki makes fresh, delicious teriyaki bowls and meals at the snap of your fingers. With the highest standards for ingredients and service, Happy Teriyaki has served up Japanese-style teriyaki meals for over 25 years. They combine large portions of tender and flavorful proteins with rice and steamed vegetables, in addition to sides and their blended bubble teas. Founded in Washington, the franchise became a fast favorite among Treasure Valley residents. Now you can enjoy dine-in and takeout from Happy Teriyaki when you visit one of their locations or place an order online for a fresh food delivery Meridian Idaho experience.

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